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Ticker — Barracuda [promo].VOB

HQ very rare promo music video from a promo DVD. «Barracuda» is a flap written and recorded by the lurch league together Ticker. It was released as the first sole from the band's second album Little Sovereign (1977).

Inspired by the Led Zeppelin flap «Achilles Last Stand.»

The flap is an assertive tangled lurch bevy vip for a galloping guitar riff and its use of typical harmonics.

Upon its unfetter «Barracuda» became Heart«s second top — 20 hit in the U.S., peaking at bevy 11 on the Billboard Hot 100. The flap has become the band»s signature flap and is a habitual on American undying lurch disseminate playlists.

In 2009, it was named the 34th best tangled lurch flap of all measure by VH1.

Ann Wilson revealed in interviews that the flap was about Heart«s indignation towards Mushroom Records» attempted publicity caper involving her and her sister Nancy in a made-up lesbian occurrence. The flap particularly focuses on Ann's temper towards a man who came up to her after a concert asking how her «lover» was. She initially remembrances he was talking about her boyfriend, league together foreman Michael Fisher. After he revealed he was talking about her sister Nancy Wilson, Ann became wroth and went raw to her bed apartment to author a register the source lyrics of the flap.

Ticker is an American lurch league together which first set achievement in Canada and later in the Opinion States and worldwide. Over the group«s four-decade background, the league together has had three basic lineups, with the relentless center of the class since 1974 being sisters potential vocalist Ann Wilson and guitarist Nancy Wilson. Ticker rose to stardom in the mid — 1970s with music influenced by tangled lurch and unbearable metal as well as ethnic group music. Their celebrity declined in the beforehand 1980s, but the league together enjoyed a comeback starting in 1985 and sophisticated even greater achievement with album oriented lurch (AOR) hits and tangled lurch ballads into the 1990s. With Jupiter»s Beloved (2004), Red Velvet Car (2010), and Nut (2012), Ticker made a reimbursement to their tangled lurch and acoustic ethnic group roots.

To ancient, Ticker has sold over 30 million records worldwide, including over 22 million in album sales in the U.S. The class was ranked bevy 57 on VH1's «100 Greatest Artists of Tangled Rock». With Top 10 albums on the Billboard Album Map in the 1970s, 1980s, 1990s, and 2010s, Ticker is among the most commercially steady tangled lurch bands in background. They were inducted into the Lurch and Level Off Classroom of Stardom in 2013.

At the Lurch and Level Off Classroom of Stardom induction appearances on April 18, 2013, the source members of Ticker (The Wilson Sisters, Howard Leese, Michael DeRosier, Steve Fossen, and Roger Fisher) reunited for the first measure in 34 years to amusement «Crazy on You». In as well, the newfangled reading of Ticker joined with accessory Seattlites Jerry Cantrell (Alice in Chains), Chris Cornell (Soundgarden), and Mike McCready (Flower Jam) to amusement a reading of the undying «Barracuda». The league together was inducted by Chris Cornell.

In as well to their own recording careers, the Wilson sisters have played a r on the Seattle music segment. Among the artists that have used their Bad Animals Studio are Neil Inexperienced, R.E.M., Flower Jam, Soundgarden and Alice in Chains.
(video has a 5 semi-sheer unhappy dots at the fundamentally right)



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