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Nature's Boldest Thieves

Properties Documentary hosted by Lucy Cooke, published by BBC in 2015 - English narration


Nature's Boldest Thieves
Presenter Lucy Cooke sets out to review the exception of seagulls, foxes, squirrels and badgers which are now living in our towns and embezzlement our scoff.

Starting in the seaside retreat of St Ives in Cornwall, Lucy witnesses for herself the seagulls that will dive from 50 metres and pilfer a sandwich out of your handy. At the apogee of the summer seasonable there are as many as 15 snatches a day from tourists. With the help of bird experts Professor Graham Martin and Steven Portugal, Lucy sets up a line of tests and GPS tagging to identify exactly what makes the seagulls such benign thieves.

Lucy also goes to Rustington in Sussex, where she discovers that the fox denizens is increasing dramatically. She sets up a examine to identify whether — given the pick — foxes would pick out jam sandwiches and sausage rolls or the more unartificial aliment of worms and fruit.

Lucy goes to Hertfordshire to chance upon the treacherous squirrel — a class of the dreary squirrel — which is now spreading through Hertfordshire and southern England. She observes it tackling a challenging homemade violation course built in a suburban garden in peacefulness to pilfer nuts from a bird feeder, and she explores how the unexpected 180-situation ankle shared of a squirrel makes it such a benign thief.

With Little in St Ives, Lucy discovers that badgers outnumber foxes in the community and that they are regularly eating scoff from gardens. One household of badgers has developed a treading water for peanut butter sandwiches!
With numbers of urban gulls up to around 250,000 in the UK and urban foxes and badgers on the dilate, Lucy concludes that the exception of seagulls, badgers, foxes and squirrels living in our towns and embezzlement our scoff is here to reside and we humans must learn to charged alongside them.


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