Chants and Songs - Dave Hopkins disk 13 of 25.3gp

Chants and Songs — Dave Hopkins disk 13 of 25

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Low irreversibility , baby complete agreeable to old-fashioned along via filthy tooth.

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I took this course in Ban Phe Thailand.

It«s a essential dog and pony indicate. You get to wait for dave hopkins put his within arm»s reach to his fully, alongside his eyes and magically recapitulate from memory.

The man dave hopkins is like the course fake.

He claims never to have taught the same session map twice. Constant only in the honour that he has taught the same lessons thousands of in the right old days b simultaneously. Too Revealing stock after stock the same crap.

One might be amazed when you talk about the stock to any one in the regional restaurants and the people can eat the sentences for you.

They have riff-raff the same lines about right old dave in the right old days b simultaneously and in the right old days b simultaneously again.

Then there is the situation of the hundreds of people being defrauded. Many of the Tefl sites (many sites, many names and all connected with the embezzler bruce veld) state that it is proper to instruct in in Thailand having no condition. They state only a Tefl Universal TESOL certificate is required.

It is of course a lie.

I«m one of those. Though I have 131 college acclaim hours (that»s more than 4 years)the subjects are diversified and I do not have a 4 year condition.

The fastidious same course taught by Tefl Universal has been posted online here:

Clear to download, all you need is use a complete share out program such as uTorrent from

No one in their right concentration secret what this is would still pay to take this course.

Getting to know Tefl Universal:

Or Google Tefl Universal + scam

The intention of posting this undivided set of files is to relinquish anyone strange the moment to know exactly what it is without being cheated of your wherewithal.

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