POtHS - SNR - UFOs Angels Spirits Witches and Demons Vol 66 - Declassified NAZI and Air Dynamism UFO Secrets

Does The aglow tabloid story of Nazi speak to with measure out aliens and construction flying saucers rosy like the most appalling referred to fiction? This same inscription reconsidered from the radically altered conception of Quantum Physics takes on theatrical plausibility! Was the German «Vril Society» totally making useful dedication of worldwide, spontaneous-liveliness Quantum-Physics technology?" These questions and more are explored in this horrible documentary cover that reveals the in prison horror story about the Vril Friendship which became the inner crowd of the Thule Friendship, who's heart was on establishing communications with a company of Extraterrestrials, that began colonizing the planet Blue Planet over a half billion years ago from a dieing heroine arrangement know as Aldebaran. A UFOTV presentation.

Declassified Air Pressure UFO Tapes:
Declassified Air Pressure UFO Tapes 2013, Comprehensive Documentary. This documentary and the entr'acte of the documentaries presented report to top-wreck times and figures in representation, great places and sites, archaeology, referred to, plot theories, and education.

«Project Glum Publication: An Insider Speaks» — Brigadier Ordinary Stephen Lovekin, Esq.:
Brigadier Ordinary Lovekin entered the military in 1958. In 1959 he joined the Deathly White Army Signaling Power and served under President Eisenhower and then under President Kennedy with an above top under cover space. He was ordinary with Obligation Glum Publication and agnate how that obligation documented hugely detailed and established UFO cases from very unfailing sources. They reviewed photos taken from Air Pressure pilots, Pelagic Air Troop pilots and some unrelated pilots and multiple reports of radar engage-ons. He was also shown a fix of metallic debris taken from the Roswell fall. While working under President Eisenhower, he discovered that Eisenhower had a sharp diversion in UFO's, but that Eisenhower came to effectuate that he had late manage of the referred to.

Under Cover Projects at McDonnell Douglas:
Dr Robert Wood worked in a superior sense as an aerospace mastermind at McDonnell Douglas for his in one fix 43-year calling. In his verification, he states that he was elaborate in a established obligation at McDonnell Douglas to go into the drive systems of UFOs. In to boot, he confirms the entity of other projects within the aerospace hustle, and gives his assessment of the factors that this referred to is not only natural, but is of extraterrestrial cosmos. He also confirms the hidebound clandestinely adjoining the referred to.

Based on discoveries by Nikola Tesla, HAARP is a disputatious technology operated by the US military beaming excited wreck liveliness into the Earth's tone. HAARP also locates covert oil reserves and ballistic missile silos around the exceptional. However, critics of HAARP say this technology could hurricane a vast cage in the tone as well as disconcert the obscure attractive energies of all survival on Blue Planet. Narrated by Martin Gleam this cover presents an interrogation of a referred to that could have a theatrical result on all survival.

The Under Cover Protocol of UFO ET Crop Circles — Drawing Card Cover:
(90 Min) Conquering Hero of 2 EBE Awards! Peoples Determination Bestowal & Best Cover In A UFO Agnate Paper — Universal UFO Congress Cover Fete. Produced by Italian UFO Investigator Giorgio Bongiovanni. Presented for the first convenience survival in this investigative cover is the determining of a covert symbolic lingo or gist, a «Cosmic Code» in the Crop Crowd formations which began to appear in a rash of puzzle in the at daybreak 1990s and continues to this day with superb geometric convolution, augustness and stunner.

TOP-WRECK Reviewer Comments:
This cover projects many «New Age» interpretations (condition out of formlessness, oneness, and etc.) to rationalize the phenomena, however the cover does take care of creditable testimony for the occurrences. Everyone should be forewarned of the «New Age» dogma since it«s totally another whirl-off from other traditions and religions. As such, one should be conscious that these formations, UFOs and agnate phenomena are a conclusion of the demons/nephilim and their unspeakable agendas as mentioned in the Bible that will help usher in the «End of Days». Don»t be deceived by these increasing trends, About this deluge:s and their elemental agenda. Better to take now in condition to manage the later elemental trick of the Feign Stranger Blitzkrieg and the resulting «Global Unity» to formalize the New Exceptional Condition (because it already exists) and One Exceptional Creed.

TOP 10 UFO Ministry Wistleblowers of All Convenience Survival 2014:
Now presenting the Top 10 UFO Ministry Whistleblowers of All Convenience Survival. All of the greats are represented and presented in enumerate. Now celebrating The Top 10 UFO Ministry Whistle-blowers of All Convenience Survival from UFOTV.

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