Tron Legacy (2010) 1080p 5.1 BrRip x264 - Judas

It is recommended that provided you have AC — 3 dolby digital 5.1 Audio preference.... a encode (redone) is available here

Tron Legacy

[SHAPE]:.............[ MP4 x264 VBR 2,250 kb/s
[CASE MASS]:..........[ 2.22GB
[END RESULT]:......[ 1920x1072
[SYSTEM UPBRAID]:.......[ 23.976 fps
[AUDIO BRANCH 1]:[ AAC 2.0 Stereo 96 kb/s
[AUDIO BRANCH 2]:[ AAC 5.1 Ambience 192 kb/s
[PARLANCE]:.........[ English
[SUBTITLES]:.........[ English (SRT Case)
[RUNTIME]:...........[ 2Hr 05Min
[PROVENANCE].........[ 1080p Natural Bluray Compliant with Xbox360/PS3/iPads/Mobile Devices/etc. devices that be lacking the peerless Audio branch to be AAC Stereo (many do not accept/work with AAC 5.1 shape). Audio Branch 2 available to those that also wish to trial proficient 5.1 investigate that goes right alongside proficient envision prominence.

For those experiencing LOW TOME issues, try to playback the 2nd Audio branch in stereo methodology, this should recondition audio prominence and increasing the tome substantially.

If you wish to trial 5.1 audio on the primary PS3 or Newer PS3, Just hand-picked the audio options and make safe the 5.1 stream/track is selected.

PC Users will have to use something like VLC that allows you to judge the 2nd Audio stream/track, Depending on your configuration, vlc should automatically agree to 5.1 playback after the shift, but doubled stop by selecting AUDIO ~ Audio Ruse ~ 5.1hot Previews:

Please, be sufferer with seeding...

From ;)

Discern let loose to dispensation a + preference and a opine, Thank You!

Judas's Note:

This is one of a VERY few and relatively RARE movies that furnish both a 5.1 ambience audio as WELL as a DUTIFUL suitably balanced and mongrel 2.0 Stereo . So this rip should pass out the best possible Stereo and Ambience investigate tracks (aside from the the fait accompli that i'm using a low bitrate for the AAC encode). No downsampling required ;)

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