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Joseph Doc Marquis Aliens Fallen Angels Antichrist Collusion collection

Joseph «Doc» Marquis (born 26 October 1956) is a Christian novelist who claims to be an ex-associate of the Illuminati. According to his rendition of events, he was initiated into the put together at the age of four by his support aunt, became a considerable woman of god at thirteen and a biggest medusa at seventeen before done leaving in 1979. He claims that, since then, the Illuminati has tried to murder him. In effect, Marquis declares that «God won't allow» him to be killed.

Doc Marquis is a former Satanist who was trained in the Illuminati Sketch before he came out of the coven to become a Christian. In 1992, Doc was hired by the Boston Control Part to retainers their homicide detectives how to stigma evidences in a wrong chapter that the perpetrator was a practicing occultist. Doc also has appeared on the following TV shows: Oprah Winfrey; Geraldo Rivera; Intricate Copy; Within Edition; Unsolved Mysteries, 20/20 He is the litt of numerous books, video tapes and audio cassette series and has appeared as an connoisseur note in a calculate of documentaries.


Aliens, Fallen Angels, Antichrist

What is the genuineness behind Aliens and UFO's? Through his one of a kind spotlight into Illuminized Satanism, Doc Marquis studies this spectacle from a one of a kind angle of which no one else is effectual. Are aliens truly wonderful-kind beings from a polish countless burn years from Clay, or is something more bad occurring? Are we to think of aliens as totally tangible beings, or do they assume the guise a foreboding priestly confrontation to all mankind? Doc Marquis reveals a plat that first began in Genesis 6 and which is still being carried out by the Illuminati today. Ramifications will be acid for those who have to suffer through the coming distance from infestation.

America's Vague Holidays

Doc Marquis should know the of inquiry about which he speaks since he was in the vague for so many years. It«s fascinating to see that there is not one rip up of anything pious about any of the customs known to each other with Christmas. Nothing. It»s all vague. I expected that of Halloween and knew Jesus wasn«t born on 12/25, but truly, it was eye-split and disheartening as I will have to desert these practices. If you want to energetic a way of life of no compromise, you can»t participate in «trick or treating» or in the gentile and vague rituals that setting Christmas. There's really nothing of Christ in Christmas except for the figment of the imagination that we are honoring his childbirth time (which was really sometime in September)

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