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Fascism in Colour

Record Documentary hosted by Note Paterson, published by Means 5 in 2006 - English narration



A two-parcel peel on Benito Mussolini and fascism, presented for the first antiquated in falsify. It is the representation of fascism's impetuous roots, and its imagine of restoring the glories of the Roman Empire. Benito Mussolini became well known as the chairman of the Popular Fascist Celebration and the particular down of fascism after his recrudescence from WWI. The war had altered his position on life; once a reformer, he became obsessed with the mental image of power and started to refer to himself as Il Duce. His discernible successes and glorification of cruelty encouraged Adolf Hitler to organise Germany on the same fascist principles.
«FASCISM IN COLOUR» provides a fascinating yet upsetting account of Il Duce«s sigh for for power, his undemocratic dictatorship and his marriage with Hitler that led to the demise of 55 million people. Based on About this cascade:s of events written at the time; letters, journal entries, hush-hush memos and handset taps, this is a truly different of the man who in the final became Hitler»s pawn.

Rare archival falsify footage keeps Il Duce's self-assertion and his inhuman decree of cruelty, intimidation and slaughter very much bustling.

Produced and Directed by Chris Oxley ; An IWC Media co-work for Means Five in relationship with Conception Channel

2) Mussolini in Power
Occurrence two is about Mussolini in power, as the world's first fascist prime divine. Mussolini dreamt of restoring the glories of the Roman Empire. But military disasters in The Public War Two nautical port Italy with a legacy of demise and destruction.

Mussolini«s ambitions are seen through the eyes of Galeazzo Ciano. As Odd Divine and Mussolini»s son-in-law, Ciano witnessed the Fascist dictator's pusillanimity in his dealings with Hitler.


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