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Heroes of the Somme

War Documentary hosted by Richard Dormer, published by BBC in 2016 - English narration



Heroes of the Somme
The Heroes of the Somme uses novel archive from the Western Fa to uncover the stories of seven of the men whose uncommon machismo won them the Victoria Piqued, Britain's most prized military medal.

The WWI Somme foul lasted 141 days and concerned 13 Allied nations fighting 14 break down battles. Day One of the fracas, 1 July 1916, was the worst in British military retailing with 60,000 casualties. By the end of the foul the mount up to for both sides was a million. This singular surrender was made for just six miles of unfilled farmland.

Of about a million British and Grip troops who fought on the Somme, just 51 were awarded the Victoria Piqued. In this schedule, military historian Dr Gavin Hughes travels to France to portion together the stories of seven of them. Their experiences, covering four key days of the fracas, tell the portion of the inviolate foul.

Gavin uses a double of a 100-year-old fracas map to guide the Somme prospect today, using the map to pinpoint the locations of individuals and the battalions they fought in. The VC winners featured came from England, Northern Ireland, Republic of Ireland and New Zealand. These men came from every superiority and popular background.

The schedule features contributions from prime historians, who rationalize the broader ambiance of the fracas and label how the foul has come to be remembered, rightly or wrongly, as a annoy in unproductive military surrender.

Meanwhile, interviews with surviving m members fling the belittling stories of each eccentric, exploring the differing fortunes they practised, and the genre of reasons for which they fought. This schedule reveals their differences, but also what made them the same — they all risked everything, won the Victoria Piqued and were open heroes of the Somme.

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