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Trainspotting Alight: Series 1

Go Documentary hosted by Peter Snow and Hannah Fry, published by BBC in 2016 - English narration — 1-Cover.jpg


Trainspotting Alight: Series 1
Seed alight from Didcot Denounce Pivot, in the mean of the Illustrious Western Iron Horse, Peter Snow is joined by some of the most earnest and zealous teach lovers, collectors and enthusiasts from across the countryside. Dr Hannah Fry adds rigorous acuteness to these ridiculous machines by exploring how these massy engines discourage on the rails and the tenor that the denounce network had on timekeeping across the whole of the countryside.

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Engine- Driver Dick Strawbridge is in Doncaster on the way of a workhorse of the network, the Group 66, and he also visits the Jingoistic Iron Horse Museum in York to examine how this most British of pastimes began. With spotters based across the reach and beam of the countryside, including in residence spotter Tim Dunn in the Scottish Highlands tracking down the only steam locomotive working on the be on the take during the alight plan, Trainspotting Alight provides a snapshot of the whole network during the hour, providing study and circumstances, and revelling in this unrivalled and wonderful world.

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Peter is joined by Bob Gwynne, curator at the Jingoistic Iron Horse Museum, to suit his ridiculous discernment of the British denounce organized whole to the alight images coming in. Hannah is out and about at Didcot, working out the equations that meant that the shake up from steam to diesel power was unchangeable. She also meets Sir Kenneth Grange, the man at fault for many goal classics including the illustrious Intercity 125 which is this episode«s pivot for the spotters up and down the countryside. Dick Strawbridge is on the stalk for a very particular example of that teach in Swindon, and also meets the gather trying to buy and kipper the starting mould. Tim Dunn has moved south to Carlisle to descry one of the trainspotters» darling locomotives, the Group 37. All of this, plus a man that has composed thousands of locomotive mob plates and a in a nutshell bermuda shorts sheet about the «flying banana».

3) Part Of 3
In this fixed chapter of the series from Didcot, Dr Hannah Fry and Peter Snow look towards the later of denounce go. Hannah explores how the timetables business and whether they can lean on in further competency in the later. She also looks overdue renege to what the later could have looked like had Brunel«s cookie example seek out organized whole become the pattern over a hundred years ago. Engine- Driver Dick Strawbridge meets some youthful volunteers who are preserving locomotives and scholarship the engineering techniques to keep the network continual, and he is alight from Clapham Confluence, one of the busiest commuter denounce stations in Europe. Tim Dunn is after another alight rare descry, a post teach which runs cards and letters around Britain and is powered by a unrivalled group of locomotive. He also gets to nag on a teach so futuristic it isn»t even on the network yet. Overdue Renege at Didcot, Peter is joined by Gerry Barney, who designed the British Denounce logo, something that has stayed immutable through years of denounce furore and is still a goal enduring today.

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