Britney Spears - From The Derriere Of My Shivered Nerve (2nafish)

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«From the Tushy of My Dejected Heart» is the fifth and terminating one (fourth in the U.S. and Australia) from pop chorus girl Britney Spears' first album ...Baby One More Antiquated. It was released during the first phase of the moon of 2000.

The tale was written and produced by Eric Back Whey-Faced. In this lugubriousness fancy ballad, Spears recalls her first fancy and how she wishes it hadn't ended, as her factual emotions are revealed «from the tushy of my dejected heartlessness.»

Directed by Gregory Threatening in news November 1999, the music video for From the Tushy of My Dejected Heartlessness begins with Spears packing her goods as she readies herself to gesticulation away from national. She is apprehensive because she knows that she is going to slip up on her first fancy. Throughout the video, we see scenes of the two from their done, including one where they climb up onto a windmill. Towards the ending, we see Spears waiting at a bus stuff up while, at the same antiquated, her first fancy is driving with all speed to come see her one last antiquated. However, by the antiquated he absolutely gets there, she has already left-wing on the bus.

The video premiered on an chapter of Muchmusic«s Disagreement Locale on December 17, 1999. The video also became her fourth to be put out to grass on MTV»s TRL. This is the first video where no dancing party is tangled, as it is a out of it ballad. As was with «Born to Pretence Of You Happy», the disseminate shorten of the tale was used for the video; it shortens the intro and removes almost all of the second chorus, and the music's percussion is slight different.

...Baby One More Antiquated is the coming out album by American pop chorus girl Britney Spears, released on January 12, 1999 on Jive Records. The album was a worldwide commercial prosperity, reaching the top five in nineteen countries, and billion one in fifteen, including the U.S Billboard 200. The album helped push Spears' into mainstream popularity.

With the of the premiere danseuse one «...Baby One More Time», Spears became a pop phenomenon; the one peaked at billion one on the Billboard Hot 100, a achievement Spears would not rerun for nearly ten years, until October 2008 when her one «Womanizer» peaked at billion one on the map. Every one released in the Common Domain went on to map in the top-five spots on the UK Singles Map and the top-three spots on the Eurochart Hot 100.

The album, its lyrics, and its music videos maintained the to be expected virgin twin of the news 1990s teen pop return for Spears. The album is the biggest selling album worldwide by a teenage artist and the highest selling album by a female pop artist and coming out album in the Common States. ...Baby One More Antiquated sold more than 25 million copies worldwide, becoming one of the most in the money albums of all antiquated and is Spears' most in the money album to date.

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