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Wonderful hit energy flick picture show Do Chattaney 2008 (Malayalam Hindi Dub) Abridgement : Do Chattaney is narrative of Vijayan and Madhavankutty, stepbrothers who are at loggerheads due to mountains of old scores. Sons of the delayed policemen dignitary Mampilly Rajashekharan, Madhavankutty is the only son of Rajashekharan«s legally married ball, but Vijayan, the illegitimate son was given the right to harangue the inhumation pyre during his father»s annihilation. From there, Madhavankutty who dirt to confess Vijayan as his pal, singles out every occasion to irk and accuse Vijayan and his maw who are now considered as his sworn enemies. The Annual Kabadi Championship in remembrance of their governor is one such circumstance where the brothers come up for cat fights. Vijayan has Biju and Komalan as his bird-brained croonies, while Madhavankutty roams around with Ramesan and Basheer in a jeep named «Mambully-Original». It could be a import of pastime and betrothal for you, to be sure of exactly how many times these couple of idiotic aides gets beaten up by substantially everyone in the draw up in their attempts to in in some stock of laughs. Chitrangadan, the former Panchayath President and his ball Sarala the for the time being Panchayath President, are the two who adds oil to the fervency, igniting new skirmishes, campaigning for and against the brothers in arms. This do-or-die Kabadi contest for both brothers rapidly turns non-germane, with the coming of Pooja and Sneha, look-alike daughters of Appraiser Viswanathan, to the village. Madhavankutty and Vijayan falls for each of them, but don't be aware of them as twins. This results in them seeing the other as rivals in dear one also. How all of this formlessness leads to further tortuousness and subjects of affected humor, forms the shelf of the flick picture show.

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