Convoy - Trincea d'asfalto (1978) [XviD - Italian English - Sub Ita] MIRCrew

Convoy — Trincea d'asfalto (1978) [XviD — Italian English — Sub Ita] MIRCrew [TNT Village]

IMDB: tt0077369

Convoy — Trincea d'asfalto (1978) [XviD — Italian English — Sub Ita] MIRCrew

Convoy — Trincea d'asfalto (1978) [XviD — Italian English — Sub Ita] MIRCrew


While driving through the Arizona run away from, Albuquerque based affluent trucker Martin Penwald — who goes by the traffic in «Rubber Duck» — along with his person truckers «Pig Pen» and «Spider Mike», are entrapped by conscienceless Sheriff Lyle «Cottonmouth» Wallace using a key means of the trucker«s m, the citizens» orchestra (CB) announce. Rubber Elude and Cottonmouth have a great, antagonistic r. When this experience later escalates into a more manifest one as Cottonmouth threatens Spider Mike, a swart man who just wants to get residency to his expectant helpmate, Rubber Elude and other the truckers byzantine, including Spider Mike, Pig Pen and «Widow Woman», go on the run, figuring the best detail to do being to utterly to New Mexico to circumvent prosecution. Along for the bully is Melissa, a bonny photographer who just wanted a bully to the airport. As hearsay of what happened spreads over the CB airwaves, other truckers associate oneself with their convoy as a put on of support...

Convoy — Trincea d'asfalto

Titolo originale Convoy
Lingua originale inglese
Paese USA
Anno 1978
Durata 106 min

Convoy — Trincea d'asfalto è un covering del 1978, diretto da Sam Peckinpah, con Kris Kristofferson e Ali MacGraw. La storia narrata si ispira al testo della canzone Convoy di C. W. McCall.

Rapporto 2.35 : 1
Genere azione, drammatico
Regia Sam Peckinpah
Soggetto C. W. McCall (canzone), L. Norton
Sceneggiatura L. Norton
Produttore Robert M. Sherman
Produttore esecutivo Barry Spikings, Michael Deeley
Casa di produzione EMI Films
Distribuzione (Italia) Concerted Artists
Fotografia Harry Stradling Jr.

Montaggio Garth Craven, John Wright
Effetti speciali Confectionery Flanagin
Musiche Chisel Davis
Scenografia Fernando Carrere
Trucco James Lee McCoy


* «Golden Screen» al «miglior film» nel 1980

Convoy — Trincea d'asfalto (1978) [XviD — Italian English — Sub Ita] MIRCrew

* Kris Kristofferson: Martin «Anatra di gomma» Penwald
* Ali MacGraw: Melissa
* Ernest Borgnine: sceriffo Lyle «Papà Orso» Wallace
* Burt Under Age: «Casino ambulante»/«Maialotto»
* Madge Sinclair: Vedova nera
* Franklyn Ajaye: Spider Mike
* Brian Davies: Chuck Arnoldi
* Seymour Cassel: governatore Jerry Haskins
* Cassie Yates: Violet

Martin «Anatra di gomma» Penwald (Kris Kristofferson) è un camionista che, una volta coinvolto in una rissa in un bar con lo sceriffo Lyle «Papà Orso» Wallace (Ernest Borgnine), fugge dall'Arizona, insieme ad altri suoi colleghi coinvolti. In seguito a loro si unirono altri camionisti.............

Convoy — Trincea d'asfalto (1978) [XviD — Italian English — Sub Ita] MIRCrew

Combined #0
Pure name : Convoy — Trincea d'asfalto (1978)
Arrangement : AVI
Format/Info : Audio Video Interleave
Format/Family : RIFF
Pigeon-Hole : 1.46 GiB
PlayTime : 1h 43mn
Bit censure : 2007 Kbps
StreamSize : 14.7 MiB
Theme utilization : VirtualDubMod (found 2178/release)
Theme library : VirtualDubMod found 2178/release
IAS1 : Italiano
IAS2 : English

Video #0
Codec : XviD
Codec/Family : MPEG — 4
Codec/Info : XviD project
Codec make the most of : Streaming Video Profile/Level 1
Codec settings/Packe : No
Codec settings/BVOP : Yes
Codec settings/QPel : No
Codec settings/GMC : 0
Codec settings/Matri : Custom
PlayTime : 1h 43mn
Bit censure : 1675 Kbps
Breadth : 720 pixels
Peak : 304 pixels
Array Facet correspondence : 2.35
System censure : 25.000 fps
Suggestion : 8 bits
Chroma : 4:2:0
Interlacement : Progressive
Bits/(Pixel*Frame) : 0.303
StreamSize : 1.22 GiB

Audio #0
PlayTime : 1h 43mn
Bit censure : 223 Kbps
Bit censure standard operating procedure : CBR
Path(s) : 2 channels
Path positions : L R
Sampling censure : 48 KHz
StreamSize : 166 MiB

Audio #1
Codec : MPEG — 1 Audio layer 3 ENGLISH
Codec make the most of : Seam stereo
PlayTime : 1h 43mn
Bit censure : 99 Kbps
Bit censure standard operating procedure : VBR
Path(s) : 2 channels
Sampling censure : 48 KHz
Suggestion : 16 bits
StreamSize : 73.5 MiB
Theme library : LAME3.98r
Encoding settings : ABR

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