Neural Networks for Engine Information (Coursera Video Lectures) [YKG]

About the Course
Neural networks use culture algorithms that are inspired by our skill of how the mastermind learns, but they are evaluated by how well they drudgery for empirical applications such as dialect notice, reason notice, tiki retrieval and the gift to endorse products that a buyer will like. As computers become more sturdy, Neural Networks are slowly prepossessing over from simpler Implement Culture methods. They are already at the affection of a new formulation of dialect notice devices and they are day one to outperform earlier systems for recognizing objects in images. The course will clear up the new culture procedures that are administrative for these advances, including useful new proceduresr for culture multiple layers of non-linear features, and deal out you the skills and skill required to credit these procedures in many other domains.

This YouTube video gives examples of the stripe of non-spiritual that will be in the course, but the course will put forth this non-spiritual at a much gentler charge and with more examples.

Recommended Background
Programming adeptness in Matlab, Octave or Python. Enough appreciation of calculus to be able to convert unvarnished functions. Enough appreciation of linear algebra to allow unvarnished equations involving vectors and matrices. Enough appreciation of odds theory to allow what a odds density is.

Course Format
The grade will consist of send someone away videos, which are between 5 and 15 minutes in space fully. These contain 1-3 integrated interrogate questions per video. There will also be standalone homework that is not play a part of video lectures, non-requisite programming assignments, and a (not non-requisite) sure try out.

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