Osho_The last Testament_Vol-3 #20_Brazil

At the end last 15 min is still image and audio. Sorry. Video Plan : AVC Duration : 1h 39mn Bit : 958 Kbps Broadness : 640 pixels Altitude : 480 pixels Manifestation attribute relationship : 4:3 Conceive : 25.000 fps audio: AAC Bit : 89.9 Kbps Apogee bit : 96.0 Kbps Path(s) : 2 channels Sampling : 44.1 KHz Osho_The last Testament_Vol — 3 #20_Brazil The Last Testament, Vol 3, Chapter #20 10 October 1985 pm in Sanai Grove Greatest Extent: 99 mins AUDIENCE WITH SWAMI DEVA BHASKAR, CORREIO BRASILIENSE, BRAZIL DOUBTFUL:* BHAGWAN, ALMOST TWO MONTHS AGO I MADE THE AUDIENCE TOO FOR BRAZILIAN NEWSPAPER, AND THAT AUDIENCE HAS PROVOKED A POSITION OF STUPOR THERE. ONE WEEK AFTER THE WEEKLY, THE SAME NEWSPAPER MADE INTERVIEWS WITH PRIESTS, INTELLECTUALS AND HOMOSEXUALS. ALL WERE AGAINST YOUR STATEMENTS. I BROUGHT SOME OF THE REACTIONS AND I WOULD LIKE YOU TO OPINE. PATERFAMILIAS DOMINGOS*, ONE OF THE MOST PORTENTOUS AND GROWING PRIESTS IN BRAZIL, SAID, «MR. BHAGWAN IS PROPOSING JOY. IS IT ENOUGH FOR BEING AUSPICIOUS TO HAVE SECURE FAMILY AND SECURE FOOD? AND HOW TO DISENTHRAL THE SPIRIT?» HE IS ALSO SAYING THAT YOU DON«T HAVE SECURE INFORMATIONS AND THAT YOU DON»T KNOW THE M OF THE CHURCH WITH THE BARREN, AND ESPECIALLY THE POPE'S ASSEVERATION WHICH SAYS, «WHEREVER IS INTIMATE PARAPHERNALIA THERE IS SENSITIVE UNHAPPINESS, AND THE CHURCH HAVE TO BICKER AGAINST IT.» PLEA:* There are so many things in that asseveration. First, the church has intimate properties. So what the crap he is talking about? The first attitude the churches should do, they should disown intimate properties if they mean issue. Otherwise this is bullshit.... all contents is devoted to as