Osho_The Last Testament_Vol-3 #10_Stern Magazine_Sheela

The Last Testament, Vol 3 Chapter #10 Chapter inscription: None 1 October 1985 om in Sanai Grove Greatest Extent: 61 mins VETTING WITH DEMANDING MUNITIONS DUMP, WEST GERMANY MYSTERY:* BHAGWAN, YOU HAVE DELIVER ASSIGN TO SHEELA'S VETTING WITH DEMANDING MUNITIONS DUMP, AND MY INTELLECT IS ALSO THAT YOU WOULD LIKE TO EXPLAIN SOME OF THE POINTS. A:* Yes. Q:* SHE CLAIMED THAT A MEDICATE NAMED TRANSPORT WAS USED HERE IN THE COMMUNE. DID YOU EVER USE IT OR KNOW THAT IT WAS USED HERE? A:* She is just perjury. I have never used. I am constantly in transport without any medicate. What need I can have of Ecstasy? The medicate can only invent a deception and I have got the legal fashion. Q:* SO DO YOU HAVE ANY INSTRUCTION THAT THIS MEDICATE WAS USED IN STAKE-RAISING? A:* No, because in this commune drugs are in full prohibited. And if anybody could bring in b induce them it was only Sheela and her league, because they were in entrust of the commune. I was in repress and isolation, never leaving out my latitude. I had no belief what is going on outside. If she knew that they... drugs are being used in the commune, why she did not sing me about it? Why she did not sing the oversight about it? And I have been daily insisting that no drugs should file Rajneeshpuram because every medicate is against meditation. It gives an deception which is precarious. One can get addicted to it. So if she is right, then she is culpable for it. Issue troop is married