Osho_The Last Testament_Vol-3 #07_OK can we romp now

The Last Testament, Vol 3 Chapter #7 28 September 1985 pm in Sanai Grove Term: 99 mins, fair video property Theme place in order engaged MEETING BY SWAMI VIDEHA, ITALY CERTAINLY: TRANSLATED IN ENGLISH THE NAME OF THE NEWSPAPER IS «THE PLEASURES», AND IT'S A MUNITIONS DUMP WHICH LIKES TO HAVE MANY QUESTIONS AND STUNTED ANSWERS. REJOINDER: You just start. CERTAINLY: SO, WE START FROM THE PICTURE OF CHOICE. CAN ENLIGHTENMENT BE THE TOPMOST CHOICE, AS A DEFINITION? REJOINDER: It is not choice.... .................... at the end.. CERTAINLY: THIS CAN DOTE ON THE HEADLINES OF THE VATICAN! WHEN YOU SIT IN THE PRESIDING OFFICER YOU OUTDISTANCE ANY BODILY EXPLICATION. BUT WHEN YOU BOP WITH A FEMALE ADHERENT, YOU ARE TANGIBLE MACAO (MACHO?)-LOOKING. WHY SUCH A DIFFERENCE? REJOINDER: You think that even while dancing I should look as if I am sitting in the chair? Or flaw versa -- sitting in the presiding officer I should look as if I am dancing? The variation is fixed to be there -- sitting in the presiding officer is a different conduct off, dancing is a different conduct off, eating at my plateau is a different conduct off. They have to be different. They altogether conduct that man is not linear, that man is multi-dimensional. Dancing with a girl, certainly I have to be courteous to a girl. I am not a faggot. CERTAINLY: DO YOU CONSIDER YOURSELF A LATIN LOVER? REJOINDER: Yes, certainly. I am a lover, and every motion of supply shows that I am a lover. I fervour every superior matter in the era, and that is my teaching to my people: fervour everything superior in the era. Okay? Can we bop now?