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Osho_The Last Testament, Vol3,Chapter #1 Chapter nickname: The End Of Heroes 22 September 1985 pm in Sanai Grove To The Fullest Extent A Finally: 102 mins Ma Yoga Pratima RAJNEESHPURAM, OREGON SUSPECT: BHAGWAN, YOU HAVE SAID THAT YOU ARE THE NEW MAN THAT THE SPHERE NEEDS, AND THAT THIS COMMUNE IS A PREPARATION FOR THE NEWCOMER OF THE NEW MAN. DO YOU SEE THAT OTHER PEOPLE HERE ARE GOING TO BECOME, LIKE YOU, THE NEW MAN, OR ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT A PREPARATION FOR SUBSEQUENT GENERATIONS? BE TO BLAME FOR: I am never solicitous about the subsequent, neither about the close by. My whole an influence on is the announce. And when I say the New Man, I don't mean a certain mould, genre, an romantic. By the New Man I mean a man without ideals, a man with his own individuality, not imitative, not a carbon reproduction of somebody else. So the New Man will not be like me or like anybody else. Everybody will be authentically himself.. ....The New Man will be a seeker, not a believer. He will confide in in survey, in fear -- and fear is the only method that can create you to the facts in fact. Intuition is a bar, not a traverse. No believer has ever known the facts in fact. His intuition never allowed him to inquire. So in a very different reason, he will be like me. I have doubted everything. I have never accepted anything because it is written in the celestial scriptures, because the peerless founders of religions have said it, because peerless saints vouch for it. I have insisted my whole sentience that nothing else can be established it to me except my own skill. And when it comes as your own skill, it brings tremendous rejoicing, peerless blessings, flowering. Your being finds its snug harbor a comfortable. The wandering is finished, you have arrived