Osho_The Last Testament Vol-2 #30_AIDS.mp4

The Last Testament, Vol 2, Chapter #30 21 September 1985 pm in Sanai Grove For Ages C In Depth: 132 mins... (because of damaged video that I had , last 15 min at the end is still imagine video, with communicate of Bhagwan) HERD SEMINAR: ABC-TV AUSTRALIA PEOPLE ARMOURY, SAN FRANCISCO, CA, USA KOMO-TV, SEATTLE, WA, USA ...................................... about Sheela, about Enlightenment, homosexuality, AIDS, promise of remedy AIDS, Bhagwan said that it is hard to deal medication because this is « the gone will to live» ........ here are some of questions: ABC:* YOU KNOW THE CONSTRAINTS OF VIDEO RECEIVER, SO IF WE CAN KEEP YOUR RESPONSES AS EXCLUSIVE OF AND CONDENSED AS POSSIBLE IT WILL MEAN THAT MORE OF IT WILL GET TO AIR AT THE OTHER END. AND YOU ARE TALKING TO AN AUSTRALIAN CONSPICUOUS, YOU KNOW WHAT THEY'RE LIKE: VERY EXCLUSIVE OF COMPREHENSION INTERVAL. A:* Your absurd has to be exclusive of. That you tip. If your absurd has many implications then my serve cannot be exclusive of. Q:* WOULD YOU SAY YOU'RE AN IN THE KNOW MAN? A:* I am. Q:* IF YOU ARE AN IN THE KNOW MAN, HOW COULD IT BE THAT FOR SO DREAM OF SHEELA AND HER BAND AGAINST WERE ABLE TO SELL ON THEIR PROVINCE HERE? A:* Enlightenment has nothing to do with it. There is no contradiction. To be in the know altogether means I know myself. That does not mean that I know everybody. That does not mean that I know , tomorrow. It altogether means that I know my consciousness is fully awakened, twenty-four hours. I know my inner encounter. I know my infinity, my deathlessness. It has nothing to do.... In episode, if I was not in the know, perhaps Sheela may not have been able to do what she was able to do, because then I would have been just as cunning, as conspicuous, as open to doubt, as everybody else. My enlightenment makes me loving without any , confident without any . .... pore over all in spontaneous downloaded enrol (ask Google) or download spontaneous audios and books from oshoworld(dot)com