Osho_The Last Testament Vol-2 #28_Sheela and her mob

Osho_The Last Testament, Vol 2,Chapter #28 19 September 1985 pm in Sanai Grove, Rajneeshpuram US, WITH LIVELY PERIODICAL, WEST GERMANY Q:* SOME OF THE QUESTIONS THAT I SYSTEM ASK YOU THIS EVENING MAY SEEM VERY ANTAGONISTIC TO YOU. A:* No. Q:* AND I DON«T WANT YOU OR THE COMMUNE TO SENSE THAT I»M BEING ANTAGONISTIC AT ALL. A:* No. Nobody can be antagonistic to me. Whatever you do, I never sense any ill will from any accommodating being towards me. It is your occupation -- to be a columnist is a bruiser job. So you be as grouchy as you can. But about that I am a bruiser guy too! ....................................... (about Sheela) A:* ... She up to date to Savita that she is leaving the fatherland and she will disregard her reconcilement to her and my authorization the classics for being my secretary, my power of attorney, but what actually happened, Savita also escaped with the assort, so I know only the gen. I never got any reconcilement in my assistance. Q:* SO IS THERE AT THE COMMUNE HERE, A THE CLASSICS SIGNED BY SHEELA OR IS THERE NOT A THE CLASSICS SIGNED BY SHEELA? A:* That will have to be inquired. Q:* BECAUSE IF NOT, IT IS VERY POSSIBLE THAT SHEELA AND HER OVERWHELM WHO ARE NOW IN ZURICH COULD AND MAY HAVE ALREADY EMPTIED OUT YOUR BANK ACCOUNTS IN ZURICH. A:* They have done that. They have done that already. But I am not an form man, so you will have to ask the people -- Sheela's secretary perhaps has the the classics of reconcilement and everything and they can be made available to you. But in Zurich Sheela has become incredibly . She married a Swiss sannyasin. She was already married to an American sannyasin here -- this is bigamy. And she married this Swiss sannyasin because he had the power to take the wealth out; the wealth belonged to the Swiss Zurich commune, so he had taken out the wealth.... Q:* HM MM. DO WE KNOW HOW MUCH WAS TAKEN OUT? A:* No, because I don't have any interplay with these things. I have never gone here to the post, I never look at their files, I never inquire -- that is not my subject and not my avail