Osho_The Last Testament Vol-2 #26-biography is accidental.mp4

Osho: The Last Testament, vol.2-Chapter # 26 17 September 1985 pm in Sanai Grove ASSESSMENT WITH METRO MEDIA, LOS ANGELES, CA ... SERIOUS SUSPICION ON A UNDER DISCUSSION: YOU KNEW SHEELA FOR A EXTENSIVE INTERVAL. A:* Non-serious riposte: Not very extensive, and not very much. Q:* HOW WAS SHE ABLE TO PLUCK YOU, DO YOU THINK? A:* Just unexpected. Q:* AN ACCIDENT? A:* Lifetime is unexpected. We are talking just an blunder, nothing predestined. ...... Q:* HAVE YOU TRAVELLED AT ALL OUTSIDE OREGON IN THE PARTNERSHIP STATES? A:* No, just in New Jersey I was for three months in the birth when we were searching for the dock. So I had a very good-looking fortress, one-hundred year old, and really a lead-pipe cinch of art, and we renovated it and made it from birth to end new. We enjoyed the renovation of the old locale, but by that interval it was finished I had to come here and started making this locale. Now we have rooms for five thousand sannyasins with all new facilities. The whole municipality is centrally air-conditioned. Perhaps this is the first commune which is from birth to end air-conditioned, with all the facilities and comforts, because I don't believe in destitution. I believe just in wonderful assuage. Q:* DO YOU HAVE MORE CONSTRUCTION TO DO HERE? A:* Yes. We will -- just this state has to be finished, because the state is there we cannot assemble anything. It is under lawsuit. Once the lawsuit is over, we are going to take off. But not big buildings, we don't want to take off New York. We can take off. Our locale is three times bigger than New York, but we will take off uncharitable chalets like Switzerland on all the hills around. We want it to be a fairy dock.... download liberal Osho books and audios from oshoworld(dot)com