Hannibal Brooks [1969]

Hinnibal Brooks [1969] DvD Existence War II &#151; Clash / Comedy Audio: English Subs: English / Korean Division: ALL Pretty Penny Area = 8MB Numeral of Packets = 539 Boob Tube Appearance = Wide Of The Mark Boob Tube DvD Appearance = NTSC In WW2, captured British soldier Stephen Brooks is on a poky queue to Germany.On the queue he meets an American old lag, Packy, who«s obsessed with escaping.Brooks tries to harden Packy and reminds him that escaped prisoners are sniper if recaptured.Packy is perseverant despite Brooks» warnings. On immigrant at the POW camping-site Stalag 7A, Brooks and other one POWs are sent to vocation at the county Munich zoo, to love for the animals.Brooks is assigned to love for Lucy the elephant.The German caretaker in assail of Lucy is asked to queue Brooks in his new job.At first, Brooks hates the apportionment, considering the amount of carnal squandering to be cleaned daily.However, he after all becomes spoken for to Lucy the elephant.After a incisive bombing storm that kills some of the animals and zoo club it is definite to depart from the surviving animals.Lucy is scheduled to be transported by queue to Innsbruck, Austria.On the departure day, the queue is commandeered by a snappy SS Colonel, for his troops.The colonel jokes that Brooks can take the elephant all the way to Austria, if he wishes.The frolic gives Brooks the aim of walking the elephant to Austria, with two armed guards and a Eat virginal as cook.The Munich Zoo superintendent, on edge for Lucy«s safe keeping, agrees to depart from her and send her to Austria on foot.Two soldiers produce the armed guard.One is Willy,a kindly Austrian soldier, and the other is Kurt,a uncultivated German soldier who gets flushed often, insults everyone and threatens to streak the elephant.The aggregation leaves Munich on a warm day but the voyage to Austria isn»t a turn in the car park when they start sustained into discomfort. ********************************************************************************** ****-Note About DvD-**** Nothing has been added nor taken away it is as I received it. If there are no subs in your required words it is because there were none on the DvD and I was powerless to accomplish a DvD with those Subs. Ingenting har lagts cash-box eller tagits bort är det som jag fick den. Om det inte finns några subs i ditt önskat språk är det för att det fanns ingen på DVD och jag kunde inte skaffa en DVD med dessa Subs Niets is toegevoegd of weggenomen is als ik hem ontving. Als er geen subs in uw gewenste taal is het omdat er geen waren op de DVD en ik was niet in staat om een ​​DVD te kopen met die Subs. ********************************************************************************* ***** As Always, My Thanks in get ahead go to those who lodge on to motive after their download has been completed it is much appreciated ***** <a href=" http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0064403« target=»_NEW« rel=»nofollow" http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0064403</a