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The Inordinate Zen Principal Ta Hui Chapter #24 Chapter rubric: The inescapable 26 July 1987 pm in Chuang Tzu Auditorium Exhaustively: 71 mins VALUED Principal, THE INESCAPABLE WHENEVER YOU RUN INTO SOMETHING INESCAPABLE AMIDST THE HUBBUB, YOU«VE BEEN EXAMINING YOURSELF CONSTANTLY, BUT WITHOUT APPLYING THE STRAIN TO MUSE. THIS VERY INESCAPABILITY ITSELF IS MEDITATION: IF YOU GO FURTHER AND FOCUS STRAIN TO QUESTION YOURSELF, YOU»RE EVEN FURTHER AWAY. RIGHT WHEN YOU«RE IN SOMETHING INESCAPABLE, DO NOT BESTIR YOUR THINKING REMEMBER AND THINK OF EXAMINING YOURSELF. THE PATRIARCH SAID, «WHEN SENSITIVITY DOESN»T BEGIN, THE VACUOUS OF VACANTNESS SHINES BY ITSELF.» AGAIN, LAYMAN P'ANG SAID: IN ORDINARY ACTIVITIES WITHOUT SENSITIVITY, I ALONE BY NATURE HARMONIZE. NOT NIGGARDLY OR REJECTING ANYWHERE, NOT GOING WITH OR GOING AGAINST. WHO CONSIDERS CRIMSON AND PURPLE HONORABLE? THERE'S NOT A AMOUNT OF DUST IN THE MOUNTAINS. PSYCHOLOGICAL POWERS AND WONDROUS FUNCTIONING: HAULING NOT MAKE SENSE AND CARRYING FIREWOOD. JUST WHEN YOU CAN'T TAKE OFF, SWIFTLY YOU GET RID OF THE FABRIC BAG (OF FIGMENT OF THE IMAGINATION) AND WITHOUT BEING IN THE KNOW OF IT YOU WILL BE CLAPPING YOUR HANDS AND LAUGHING LOUDLY. The inescapable... it is one of the most valuable problems for every meditator. There are things which will off as your meditation deepens. All that is untruthful will be gone, all that is deceptive will no longer exist; all that you have projected, expected, or dreamt will have no fact. But still there will be something liberal which is not your day-dream, which is not your presentation, which is not the making of your thinking remember: this is called the inescapable. In other words, the natural will persevere a leavings -- only the untruthful will be gone