Osho_The Last Testament Vol-2 #25_psychotherapist

Documentary video talk -an appraise with Beget force 1985, in Rajneeshpuram, Oregon, US Dimension: 101 mins Hack is also psychotherapist with compelling questions and Osho is talking about commune, relations with neighbours, Sheela, penny-pinching for power etc. Manual of this talk announce here: all audio and books can be emancipated downloaded from oshoworld.com Osho_The Last Testament, Vol 2 Chapter #25 Chapter tag: None 15 September 1985 pm in Sanai Grove APPRAISE WITH TOM GREENING, HUMANISTIC LOONY ARMOURY, LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA :* Well-Disposed to collect you. ............................... excerpt..about commune A:* No, but it has not harmed anybody. She merely befooled herself. Nobody is harmed by her bugging or taping peoples' conversations, because these people and their conversations on are either upright gossips or some loving words to a friend.... Taping them is merely imbecile. They are not plotting any plot. But people who are power oriented are paranoid; they are always sorry that somebody is going to take over their recall. Otherwise, bugging my elbow-room was utterly imbecile, because she was the only one who used to come there -- just for her trade, if something was needed as recommendation. There was no need to bug it, but she must have been sorry: perhaps somebody else enters there without her perceptive, informs me about what is going on.... Just paranoia! These people are not living merrily -- they are merely trembling arranged, continuously sorry and looking everywhere with notion. And my people are meditating, doing trade, enjoying, dancing, singing -- they don«t have anything to hound about. That»s why she could move on for three and a half years. Just now it became unaccommodating for her, because I started speaking. My speaking created a nettle. Q:* THE DAY WILL COME WHEN YOU WILL TERMINUS SPEAKING AGAIN -- WILL YOUR SANNYASINS THEN HAVE MOVED SPIRITUALLY, POLITICALLY, WHATEVER WAY, TO WHERE THEY CAN MANAGE THAT HUMANITARIAN OF PROBLEM? A:* I am not going to terminus speaking until I am insensitive! And who knows? -- I may speak to even after that! Q:* BUT IN STATE YOU DON'T.... A:* Just old policy! Q:* OR THEY MAY ADVISED YOU SPEAKING EVEN AFTER DEATH.... A:* Yes! Q:*... WHETHER YOU DO OR NOT. A:* But I will provide for them... and they are preparing -- this has been a great go through for them, that this should not find again, that they should not be factious, but that they should be enlightened that they are not being politically cheated, that somebody does not become -- on their account -- and takes service better. This will not find now. I will provide for them for that too, that they should keep an eye. Decentralization of power into many peoples hands will be one of the focal things. Second, the people should be taught that they do their meditations, they delighted their being, they need not bother too much about, but they should keep an eye. It is their being and nobody should become so authoritative that he starts interfering. Now this is against human being naturalness: to cassette somebody«s phone, to bug somebody»s elbow-room -- this is callous and ghastly. And that too, of people who liking you, who are not against! There is no factious social gathering here. Q:* WERE YOU... BUT PEOPLE DO THAT, WE KNOW THEY DO THAT. WERE YOU SURPRISED? A:* No. I am not surprised. I am never surprised.... Q:* UH HUH. A:* Because I know human being judgement so clearly, that it can do any imbecile trend -- there is no need to hit. Q:* I SUSPECT MY HUNGER IS THAT BY PERCEPTIVE THAT PEOPLE WILL DO ANY IMBECILE, EGO-ORIENTED, POWER FLOUNDER OR PARANOID FLOUNDER THAT THEN WE CAN SOMETIMES SCHEME STRATEGIES IN PREPAYMENT TO CHECK THAT FROM OCCURRENCE. A:* I will be doing it. It will be prevented -- it won't find again. Q:* DECENTRALIZATION OF POWER IS ONE WAY -- OTHERS WAYS OF? A:* People have to... I am now going to constantly metamorphose them enlightened and wary. I am going to help them not to go-by what people who are in power are doing and I am putting in power people who have merely no hunger, who have been connected with me and I know them -- they have no hunger of any humanitarian. In certainty, unwillingly they are compelling the promulgate. And my third teachings is that we will be rotating. There is no need for power to balance in one jurisdiction for a lengthy space. That the woman starts compelling it for granted -- that it is his. So whirl power, coins people -- and it is great: we are doing that rotation in other fields. The professors are doing gardening, some gardener who has been a professor is backside in the university, some analyst is in the carpenter's workshop and some carpenter -- my own carpenter who has made this manage -- he is a Ph.D.: he can any day go to the university and be the wickedness-chancellor. So we are doing that in every players, just we were not soul-stirring the power elite for the upright plead with that there were so many complications with superintendence, with rightful courts, so we wanted the people to take care of who know, who have been dealing, who have been going to the court, but now we will take that jeopardy. It is better to take the jeopardy rather than depleted somebody an opening to become an egoist. It is against his mental vegetation to depleted him the opening to become an egoist