George Harrison - Archives Measure 1

Here is a strict bootleg. Check Out my account for more outstanding bootlegs. Please take to, helping with friends and please pit :) George Harrison — Archives 6 DVD Box Set Vol 1 OF 6 Publisher: Beanie Pictures Recommendation : BP 060/1 Friend : 2004 Around :- DVDR / VOB Figures Files Included Made In :USA Distinction :VG-/VG Tot Up duration: 2 hrs Artwork Included. Practice: NTSC Constitution: DVD VOB Video Codec: MPEG2 Video Intention: 720X480 Video Framerate: 29.97 FPS Video BitRate: 3669 Kbps Standpoint Proportion: 4:3 Audio Codec: AC3 0xbd[0x80]:48000Hz 256 kb/s tot , stereo (2/0) Comments DVD 1 1.Bangla Desh Throng Forum NYC Performance Throng Forum 27 Jul 1971 2.Dick Cavett Steer #1 Performance TV Conduct 23 Nov 1971 3.Dick Cavett Steer Performance Vet 23 Nov 1971 4.Dick Cavett Steer Performance Vet 23 Nov 1971 5.Dick Cavett Steer Performance Vet 23 Nov 1971 6.Dick Cavett Steer Vet 23 Nov 1971 7.Dick Cavett Steer Vet 23 Nov 1971 8.Bangla Desh Trailer Motion Picture Trailer Mar 1972 9.Meeting President Ford Washington, D.C Uncommunicative Footage 13 Dec 1974 10.BBC Gossip Donington Vet 6 Jan 1979 11.Newsnight -- Handmade Films Make The Most Of Vet (friend obscure) 12.Live In Japan Vet ET Vet 1992 13.Peter Sellers Biography Vet (friend obscure) 14.TV3 Sports Adelaide Vet (friend obscure) 15.Today Tonight -- Anthology Vet, Australia Vet (friend obscure) 16.Gente Que Brilha, Brazil TV Performance (friend obscure) George playing an altered adaptation of «Here Comes The Sun» for racing buddy Emerson Fittipaldi 17.World Pound Vet (friend obscure) 18.Time And Again (friend obscure) George Harrison 19.Time And Again Performance Interviews (friend obscure) 20.Time And Again Interviews (friend obscure) 21.Time And Again Interviews (friend obscure) 22.Time And Again Performance Interviews (friend obscure) 23.Bonus Raw Footage Clout Performance (unfamiliar) (friend obscure)