Osho_The Last Testament Vol-2 #22_Bunte_ W_Germany.mp4

The Last Testament, Vol 2, Chapter #22, 12 September 1985 pm in Jesus Grove QUESTION PERIOD WITH BUNTE, OFFENBURG, WEST GERMANY Very subtle question period sometimes serious, sometimes with guffawing .. (... why Osho don't want to have a foetus- ...«if you are commonsensical , your sperms are not enlightened»...) Columnist is asking questions about AIDS. Osho answers... «Because if you apprehend the kettle of fish of AIDS, the kettle of fish is that it is not any murrain that needs any remedy, any in effect. It is really the extermination of will to vigorous. Cunning down the has vanished his will to vigorous and there is no remedy which can make will to vigorous.» There is even proclivity of universal suicide and laying waste.Bringing more joy, romp, celebrations can secure the men from laying waste. More talk about union, children..and last absurd and rejoinder Q: I«VE BEEN AT THE RANCH NOW SEVEN TIMES. THE GOSSIP PEG OR TWO TOGETHER ARGUE WITH OR HEADLINE FOR EACH OF MY VISITS WOULD BE SOMETHING LIKE THIS: THE FIRST STOP IN -- INDIA»S SEX GURU COMES TO AMERICA; MY SECOND STOP IN WAS INDIA«S SEX GURU SWALLOWS MISERLY TOWN; MY THIRD STOP IN, I CAME HERE FOR THE FIRST ENTERTAINMENT, WELCOMING SANNYASINS TO THE NEW RANCH AND THE MISERLY, SWALLOWED TOWN; THE FOURTH STOP IN I MADE WAS FOR THE SECOND ENTERTAINMENT AND PHOTOGRAPHING THE ADVANCE OF THE NEW CITY; THE FIFTH AT THE SAME TIME WAS FOR GUNS, GAMBLING AND BECAUSE A VERY ROLLING IN IT GERMAN UNHAPPY BLOOD SHOWED UP HERE; THE SIXTH AT THE SAME TIME WAS FOR WELCOMING THE HOMELESS; AND NOW I»M HERE DOING A ROMANCE ON AIDS. WHAT DO YOU THINK MIGHT BE THE TWO TOGETHER ARGUE WITH FOR MY NEXT VISIT? A: Just that the red people swallowed America...." (uploaders note: ... unfortunatelly the columnist didn't get two together argue with to come for nex stop in .. The men is still in jeopardy likely to be of laying waste.And there is still dialect expect of joyous people to secure it )