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I am one of millions of Scottish people, who Emmigrated and now dynamic in Europe. ONLY A few hundred years ago Scotland was a unsolicited and independant Domain, before it was sold for Get and Gold without the people's authorize, by a couple of ruling elite. We have tried to split away twice in my lifetime and in the 1970's we said YES to Independance in a Civil Referendum by 5 set in order proportion points only to have the rules changed after the referendum by Westminster«s ENGLISH MP»s and Lords. Hopefully this will come off again for the BritExit Europe Referendum. The English, quite euphoric to take away Scotlands right to out of date its own Taxation, Screen and Tramontane Regulation laws, does not like Europe forcing them to sponge up there beaches or suffer by rules to help sponge up this planet, allow the whippersnapper the right to dynamic and Toil in any other EU Colleague state of affairs OR standardise living standards and allow the stronger nations help the weaker ones in Europe. The ENGLISH and Welsh, Led by Populist Newpapers have turned there backs on Bloke Man at a experience when the Terra needs, more than EVER to earn c lower together. Scotland said YES to remainder in Europe by 12% and NOW we must earn c lower apart from England to keep our ties, not only with our friends and customers in Europe, but with the inactivity of the Terra. James in this gushing sums it all up at the start of the footpath called Tommorow. It is prominent CANDID because they say to the BritExit voters .... FUCK YOU It is NOT TOO BELATED ENGLAND.. Do not throng that Article 50 Button! Sorry WALES, but just like our REFERENDUM in Scotland, you don't upon. James — Come Knowledgeable In (Glastonbury 2016) [Video].mpg James — Curse-Word Curse (Glastonbury 2016) [Video].mpg James — Laid (Candid) (Glastonbury 2016) [Video].mpg James — Tommorow (Candid) (Glastonbury 2016) [Video].mpg Ronnie Spector — Remote To Angry (Glastonbury 2016) [Video].mpg Ronnie Spector Tour De Force. Billy Gibbons & Elle Regent & — Be My Coddle (Glastonbury 2016) [Video].mpg Savages — Idolize (Glastonbury 2016) [Video].mpg Savages — Fuckers (Candid) (Glastonbury 2016) [Video].mpg Savages — Preserve (Glastonbury 2016) [Video].mpg Savages — Mechanics (Glastonbury 2016) [Video].mpg Savages — This Is What You Get (Glastonbury 2016) [Video].mpg