Osho_The Concealed Splendor #05-infatuation beyond words.mp4

Osho_The Covert Splendor Chapter #5 Chapter rubric: This concern is more than enough 14 Cortege 1987 pm in Chuang Tzu Auditorium Suspect 1 DEAREST Bhagwan, IS IT POSSIBLE THAT FOR SOME, MELTING WITH THE ADEPT COMES FIRST, AND ALL ELSE FOLLOWS? OR ARE YOU AFTER ALL MY DEAREST AS WELL AS MY ADEPT -- EVEN THOUGH I AM NOT SLEEPING IN YOUR CELL!? JUST WITH A PROGRESS OF YOUR ARMS, VIGOUR SPREADS FROM ABSORBED WITHIN MY FUSELAGE AND GIGGLES OF PERFECT JOY, LIGHTNESS AND JOY SHADOW LIKE RIPPLES IN ITS WAKE. SOMETIMES A CONCERN OF YOUR MITIGATE, OR THE COLLIDE WITH OF JUST A FEW OF YOUR WORDS, CARRIES ME UNKINK INTO LIMITLESS ELBOW-CELL. OSHO, I GO THROUGH THAT ANY MELTING THAT I HAVE KNOWN SO FAR IS OUT OF MY MELTING IN YOUR SWEETHEART -- AND THAT MELTING WITH YOU IS EASIER FOR ME AND MORE POSSIBLE THAN MELTING WITH ANY OTHER MAN HAS BEEN. I HAVE NEVER MELTED IN A PERFECT ORGASM WITH A MAN, HOWEVER DEAREST. YET YOU SAY THIS HAS TO COME FIRST, BEFORE ANY MELTING WITH YOU. DEAREST ADEPT, I AM STARTLED TO REVEAL ALL THIS, BUT TELL ME: HAVE I NOT KNOWN ANY MELTING AT ALL? Prem Arup, the man planet has positive laws without any peculiarity. But the churchly planet has no laws as such, because there are always exceptions. That is percentage of the naturalness of the churchly tract of our being. So whatever I say about the churchly flowering, always muse on: there are exceptions, because it is a naturalness of consciousness.... download permitted osho audios and books from oshoworld(dot)com