Cannabis Hoard - Sea of Unripe all 4 volumes

Here is a ladylike above moreover to the Cannabis Gathering. All and everything that you ever wanted or needed to know about growing Cannabis, nicely explained by a-one growers. All 4 volumes on dvd. The Cannabis Gathering — a series of educative and amusing info dvd's Stop out this stirring Cannabis Gathering — there are currently still more than 50 dvds available for download. Please profit from, split with friends and grounds :) Sea of Fresh — Vol. 1 - How to Cannabis Clones Invented in Holland and perfected in America, the «Sea of Green» craftsmanship places firmly embedded clones into immediate flowering. It is the most effecient and fertile means of cannabis cultivation. Sea of Fresh is a very exhaustive instructional bind explaining the «Sea of Green» cultivation craftsmanship, which has been called the fastest and easiest growing change ever. This DVD illustrates the whole craftsmanship from grounds to clone to quick get. Sea of Fresh — Vol. 2 - Closet Cultivation Sea of Fresh, Vol. II: Closet Cultivation is portion two of a three-bulk instructional series on marijuana cultivation. The 60-notes video is a commence to act-by-commence to act leader that shows how to injury a closet or attic into a growing area that will offer 12 to 18 inch buds every two weeks. Topics covered in this «beginner's guide» comprise germination, cloning, lighting, and harvesting. Sea of Fresh — Vol. 3 - Hydroponic Cultivation See, the only Hydroponics video in the everybody. The «Ebb and Cover craftsmanship, has been adapted to the Sea of Fresh method. One Of A Kind »wick method« change allows nutrient unconfined, closing get for that much sought after »chemical free« smoke, which most other processes do not have. Matriarch tree sorrow, cloning, nimble, air, wet, pumps, pH., PPM, transplanting, man made mediums, etc. all you need to know to become an a-one hydroponics grower. This change has simplified hydroponics, and is an a number video, to help erase those »beginner mistakes". Sea of Fresh — Vol. 4 - Growing Sensemilla Marijuana A must see for any tyro or serious grower. See...newest, scientifically designed, undeviating encourage, visual presentation...unique growing change turns your closet or any at measure out into a effective gold deposit. See...get unconditional amounts of 20 inch fix track down buds once every two weeks...self perpetuating...fastest, easiest growing change ever. See...easy to develop, no fall short of growing...learn the experts' secrets...from grounds to clone to get. Stop this account for updates regularly :) Thanks to the peers all over the planet seeding in this gathering