Osho_The Last Testament Vol-2 #11-Swiss interview.mp4

Osho_The Last Testament, Vol 2, Chapter #11 31 August 1985 pm in Jesus Grove Extent: 117 mins PRESS CONFERENCE WITH CHRISTIAN SIDEL, SONNTAGSBLICK, ZURICH, SWITZERLAND some fascinating questions and answers in agreeable mode.. Q:* I WANT TO ASK SOME QUESTIONS ABOUT SWITZERLAND. YOU GIRLFRIEND THE SWISS Q:* WHAT WOULD YOU DEPROGRAM IN SWITZERLAND? A:* I will do exactly the same that I am doing here: disgusting people, creating as many enemies as possible. Because that is my way of m: once you are my competitor, then friendliness is not far away. Q:* I REALLY NEARLY NEVER SAW SUCH A PEACEABLE REMEMBER THAN RAJNEESHPURAM AND I CAN'T EXCUSE IT MYSELF, WHY MOST OF THE JOURNALISTS WHO COME HERE AND PUT DOWN VERY HATING AND ADVERSE ABOUT RAJNEESHPURAM AND YOU, ESPECIALLY THE GERMAN-SPEAKING JOURNALISTS. A:* There are reasons.... The people who come here, come with closed consider castigate ... Q:* IS THERE A INEQUALITY BETWEEN A RAJNEESHEE AND A SANNYASIN OR WHAT DOES THIS MEAN? A:* There is. Rajneeshee is the name given by others to my people. Q:* THERE ARE PEOPLE WHO DON«T GET SANNYAS -- WHICH PEOPLE ARE THIS OR HOW DO YOU EXCUSE THE CURIOSITY THAT SOME PEOPLE DON»T GET SANNYAS?A:* It is up to them! There can be thousand and one reasons and for every peculiar it will be different. There are people who would like to become sannyasins -- for example, you! I can see it, that you would like to become a sannyasin, but there may be thousand and one things hindering, to be or not to be.... But make me: I am going to get you! You cannot escape... Please, become dilapidated, allocate, download audios and books bountiful from oshoworld(dot)com