Osho_The Last Testament Vol-2 #10_not democratic_.mp4

Osho_The Last Testament-vol2 #10 VETTING WITH JAMES CONAWAY, WASHINGTON BRACE, WASHINGTON, DC FIT: Gratified to endure you. Engaging questions and answers: MATTER: WHAT WOULD YOU WHEN ALL IS SAID LIKE TO FORGE HERE? FIT: We would like to forge as big an sanctum as possible, a exemplar for the whole world.... .............................. MATTER: WHAT IS GOING TO UPON TO THIS COMMUNITY WHEN YOU ARE GONE? FIT: I never think about the future..... ...................................... MATTER: BHAGWAN, THE PARTNERSHIP STATES ADMINISTRATION OWNS A IMMENSE AMOUNT OF MOULD IN THE WEST, ABOUT HALF OF THE WEST. SOME OF THIS MOULD IS WITHIN YOUR TERRITORY HERE ON THE RANCH. COULD YOU TELL ME WHAT YOU THINK OF THE POLICIES OF THE PARTNERSHIP STATES ADMINISTRATION WITH NOTE TO MOULD RUNNING AND THE PEOPLE WHO USE THEIR MOULD HERE? FIT: The epistemology of democracy is wholly against the goal of administration owning anything: mould, schools, libraries, universities. That goal is basically communist, that the administration should own everything, that no idiosyncratic should be the proprietress. That is a very cunning daft to put an end to the idiosyncratic. If an idiosyncratic is taken away all his ownership, he becomes a sponger. At least in America administration should not own any mould. That is purposes of a popular sound out. There should be no style of nationalization, on any . All nationalization is communist. Every idiosyncratic should be spontaneous in every possible way from administration supervise, administration oppression. The universities should not be owned, the schools, the colleges should not be owned. The administration has no organization in interfering into people's soul, their maturing, their knowledge. Each university should have its own individuality. Each imbue with should have its own individuality. The matter of owning in democracy does not crop up. Individuals should be the owners of everything that exists. Administration is really a functioning portion. It is not the backwards, it is the footman of the people. Download audios and books spontaneous from oshoworld(dot)com