Osho_The Last Testament Vol-2 #03_Fighting injustice.mp4

Osho_The Last Testament, Vol 2,Chapter #3 23 August 1985 pm in Jesus Grove AT ISSUE PERIOD WITH TED VIRAMONT, MADRAS SHOW THE WAY, MADRAS, OREGON AT ISSUE:* WHAT IS AN USUALLY DAY FOR BHAGWAN SHREE RAJNEESH CONSIST OF? A:* Only of blissfulness. The same. Q:* DO YOU BELIEVE IN FIGHTING INJUSTICE? A:* I don't believe in anything. Q:* DO YOU THINK THAT ONE SHOULD AGAINST LEGITIMACY, INJUSTICE? A:* One should not have shoulds and should nots. One should just be present spontaneously. If the two shakes of a lamb«s tail brings against, against -- and against unconditionally, intensely. But don«t against for a dogma. Don»t against for a warp. Reside in the two shakes of a lamb»s tail. Be . And out of that alertness, whatsoever happens, take advantage of it.... Q:* YOU WERE IN INDIA AT THE ON ONE OCCASION THAT INDIA GAINED HER SELF-CONFIDENCE FROM BRITAIN. YOU WERE TEN, BETWEEN TEN AND TWENTY AT THAT TIME; IS THAT CORRECT? WHAT GRACIOUS OF AN SWAY DID THAT HAVE ON YOU AFTER WHAT WAS GOING ON BEFORE... LIVING UNDER THE BRITISH ORDER, AND THEN NOT TO HAVE THEM ANYMORE. IT MUST HAVE BEEN RATHER SHOCKING FOR MOST INDIANS. WAS IT? A:* I am a little oner. I was more pro-British than pro-Indian. Because everything that has happened in India -- technology, sphere, erudition, colleges, universities, rolling-stock lines, roads, cars, airplanes -- everything has happened because of the British order. If there was no British order, India would have been the same as Ethiopia.... and many more questions and answers in nonchalant style. conclude from all exercise book here: Please source, partition, download permitted audios and books from oshoworld.com