The Last Testament Vol-1 #02-( German reporters).mp4

The Last Testament, Vol 1, Ch #2, Chapter baptize: I Coppers With Actuality 19 July 1985 pm in Jesus Grove, USA [NOTE: This discourse is published in the engage: The Last Testament, Size 1, as Chapter 5.] ERICH WIDDEMAN & RAINER WEBER DER SPIEGEL, HAMBURG, WEST GERMANY INSUPPORTABLE: BHAGWAN, BEFORE WE START, I«D LIKE TO PUT TOGETHER A JOIN OF THINGS RELEASED. I DON»T KNOW WHAT MA ANAND SHEELA HAS TOLD YOU ABOUT THE WAY WE LIKE THESE DISCUSSIONS GOING. WE DO A FULL DECRY-UP OF WHAT HAS BEEN SAID, WE ASSEMBLE IT, AND THEN SEND THE FULL LINE TO YOU OR TO YOUR CONFIDANTS TO BE REEDITED. THIS IS NOT MEANT TO BE... IF THEY ARE LEGITIMATE, THESE INTERVIEWS ARE NOT MEANT TO BE MUCH OF A INSUPPORTABLE AND CONFORM TO LINE OF WORK, BUT SOMETHING OF A LITIGIOUS EXCHANGE WHICH FOR YOU IS ONE OF THE MANY OPPORTUNITIES TO GET RID OF A LOT OF PREJUDICES THAT MAY STAY ALIVE AGAINST YOU AND YOUR BELIEF. ALSO, THERE WILL BE A JOIN OF QUESTIONS WHICH HAVE BEEN ASKED SOME THOUSANDS OF TIMES BEFORE, BUT STILL I ESPOUSE FOR SOME QUESTIONS THAT PROBABLY YOU HAVE ANSWERED SO MANY TIMES. CONFORM TO: No intractable. You just ask whatsoever you want, and in whatever way you want. And a insupportable may have been asked thousands of times, but I have not given the same conform to again and again and again. My conform to has been a thousand times different. So you need not be worried; this is my affair. You just ask. unimpeded autochthonous audio download from Please deteriorate and allot this valuable discourses, still not edited