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Coup D« and Mystery: Melodic Masters of the 19th Century 2of3 Talkin« »Bout a Coup D» Suzy Klein explores the transmogrification of music in the 19th century. In an age of factional and industrial coup d', she tells how music became the greatest art construct. Involvement 2: Talkin« »Bout a Coup D' In the 19th century music wasn't just a backdrop to autobiography, easing torment and enhancing delight. It became a seditious constraint that could &#151; and did &#151; interchange the men. As the force of the brutality and turmoil unleashed in the French Coup D« reverberated around Europe, it was music that most viscerally carried the bulletin that the people could project up to kings and emperors. In France during the coup d», La Marseillaise emerged as a rallying cry &#151; sung by the mob as they stormed the earl palatial home. When Napoleon imposed his hand-clasp on the realm it became an anthem of displacement, along with countless songs that pilloried the compensation to autocracy and the crushing of brazenness. But it was not just on the streets, as Suzy shows, that seditious verve was stoked up. Even opera, intended by the authorities to fortify the repute quo, became politically effective, fanning the flames of nationalism and coup d« throughout Europe. One French opera actually helped trigger a coup d» when it was performed in Belgium in 1830. Suzy shows how music came to depict not only seditious verve, but also the growing constraint of nationalism that was radical Europe. She discovers how Chopin«s music, unworthy of its lyrical exterior, expressed more powerfully than words the bold breath of the Do In people distress under the injury of a peculiar power. And she explores how Carl Weber»s enjoyable calling Der Freischütz articulated the longings for nationhood of the Germans and inspired Richard Wagner to essay the transmogrification of the lenient breath through his calling. But it was Italian opera composer Giuseppe Verdi whose music had the most perfect factional force in the 19th century. Suzy travels to Parma, Verdi«s welcoming comfortable with hamlet, to deal with the disciples who keep his burn active to this day, venerating the man whose music embodied the take up arms against for brazenness and whose very name came to suggest Italy»s take up arms against for nationhood. Applied Spec Video Codec: x264 CABAC <a href=«/cdn-cgi/l/email-protection» information-cfemail=«c189a8a6a9818df5eff0»[email protected]</a Video Bitrate: CRF 21 (~4007Kbps) Video Solving: 1920x1080 Video Attribute Correlation: 16:9 Frames Position: 25 FPS Audio Codec: AAC-LC Audio Bitrate: Q=0.47 VBR 48KHz (~128Kbps) Audio Channels: 2 Run-Conditions: 59 mins Mob Of Parts: 3 Involvement Judge: 1.71 GB (for the most part) Roots: HDTV Subtitles: Merged