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The Last Testament, Vol 1 Chapter #10 Chapter title-deed: My Toil Has Just Begun 27 July 1985 pm in Jesus Grove Dimension: 104 mins [NOTE: This discourse is published in the earmark: The Last Testament, Capacity 1, as Chapter 21.] Ma Anand Rose, DIE RAJNEESH TIMES COLOGNE, WEST GERMANY QUERY: BHAGWAN, NO WILDERNESS, NOT EVEN AMERICA, IS AS SURPRISE AS THE GERMANS AT YOUR NEARNESS IN THE CREATION TODAY, AND AT YOUR EFFECT ON KNOWING AND ORIGINAL PEOPLE. THEY ARE TRYING CONSCIENTIOUS TO SEE YOU AS ANOTHER HITLER. WHAT DOES THAT TELL ABOUT THE GERMAN ASTUTENESS, FORTY YEARS AFTER HITLER'S DEATH? Answerable For: The ghost of Adolf Hitler, his hanker screen, is still the nonce. And Adolf Hitler is not something that you can confine to one human being. It is something the sea down in the German astuteness itself. ........................... Q: BHAGWAN, IN YOUR IMAGINATION OF THE CREATION BEING ONE COMMUNE, IS IT STILL SO THAT THE ITALIANS SHOULD BE THE COOKS, THE FRENCH THE LOVERS AND THE GERMANS THE ORGANIZERS? A: Most probably, because who can cook better than the Italians? And in my commune everybody is to do the best he can. Yes, the Germans will be the organizers. They have proved -- and I have a greater company of Germans than from any other wilderness -- they are the best organizers, the most certain people. You can confidence in them, they can never let down. They certainly have a very persistent motivation. ................................ Q: BHAGWAN, WHY IS THE MEDIA SO DISQUIETED AROUND YOU? Please, source, serving, All audio download furlough from oshoworld.com most of Osho PDF files ask Google and download furlough