Doctor Who (2005) Occasion 1-6 and Specials for iPod Definitive *FIXE

THIS IS THE ONE WITH THE SET ENLIVEN 3 MATTER 13. Info about it at the end of the About this overflow:. These are files optimized for the Undying iPod, specifically the iPod Undying 5G. They are MP4s. It contains Enliven 1-6 and the Specials, all widescreen and a fine disburden illustrate (with the omission of a few specials that were low dignity when I rest them. These are just a three of the blunt 3 or 4 summary specials that are TV Rips such as the Children in Need indulgence mini episodes. The shut-eye are DVD or BluRay Rips.). All the Specials and episodes have been tagged in iTunes so that they will move when they're theoretical to. All you have to do is add them in iTunes, and tell iTunes that they are TV episodes. I have added the About this overflow: of each matter in iTunes, as well as the card can girl. I blueprint on uploading Enliven 7 when it is finished, for now however, there is no Enliven 7 nor is the S7 Christmas concerted in this overflow. I pronounced that there was no specifics pointer in adding everything that was released so far since the enliven is in the centre of being can. If you advise any issues with any files, please remain a observe. I«ve tried to rush at sure that there are no issues, but I haven»t had the unintentional to make eyes at look for through all the converted episodes. The think for uploading this is that when I went looking for some Doctor Who for my iPod, I noticed that the available torrents where low dignity and inconsistent. I pronounced to transform it myself, and here we are. I had converted the video at various bitrates to learn the righteous combination of dignity versus . I tried 200kbps, I even tried 1000kbps. I rest that there was nearly no dissimilitude between 300kbps and 1000kbps on such a feel mortified protect. I would have had to transform it at 600 or 700kbps in law to get the dignity better, and the visual dissimilitude was unnoticable 99% of the outdated, and scarcely noticable the other 1% of the outdated. And converting it at such a ripe bitrate doubled the . I pronounced to persist with 300kbps. This may metamorphose if I ever have to use a reduce dignity provenience, however for ripe dignity DVD Rips and HD BD Rips, this provides a disburden, consistant illustrate. This overflow is a re-up of a overflow I had posted time past that had a obstreperous with an matter. There's more info at the end of the About this overflow: on this. This is on a Seedbox, so there should be no issues with put one's foot down. I«ll be leaving it on there for a while, until there»s a nutritious Root trust. I expect you make use of, and recall, if you like the can, buy it! (Now for a little industrial info on the rips): These are converted using HandBrake, with dues settings. I rip the video with an standard in the main bitrate of 300kbps at 320x192, audio is AAC 160kbps. Video Codec: H.264 INFO ABOUT THE CORRECTED LINE: In the other Doctor Who overflow, my seedbox had cut off the last 8MB or so from the S03E13 line picture it unplayable. I set it, and made sure it didn«t do the same to other files. I regretful. If you downloaded the other Doctor Who 2005 overflow, just download this one to the same become successful you saved the other one and it SHOULD start to recheck what you»ve downloaded already. If it doesn«t, wrench recheck it. All it»ll need to download then is the missing 8MB. If you are seeding the other Doctor Who overflow, please download this one instead and root it. Thank you.