CannMed 2016 Meeting Videos (18)

CannMed 2016 Disclosure Videos The presentations from the CannMed 2016 Initialled Cannabinoid Forum are now available. Crowd the de-emphasize delay button on the metaphor below to embark upon the gambler and access the playlist of all 18 presentations, including the keynote sermon from Dr. Raphael Mechoulam. CannMed 2016: Initialled Cannabinoid Remedy Forum focused on the intersection of these three influential fields: cannabinoid-based therapies, initialled remedy, and sensitive technologies. Thank you to our speakers, flier presenters, and sponsors who helped to abscond CannMed 2016 a well-known consequence for all who attended. This annual enquire forum showcases the people, companies, and key kindness leaders working with the endocannabinoid methodology and medical concepts for the use of cannabinoid therapeutics in neurological disorders. With over 27 US states and several countries now legalizing iatrical use of cannabis, the endocannabinoid methodology is becoming an leading popular salubriousness issue and a savoury breadth of uncovering for novel salutary interventions. With the brand-new advent of next times sequencing and the enablement of initialled remedy, never before in past have we been as well-positioned to better commiserate with the genetics and adjustment of the endocannabinoid methodology. Besides, the intersection of sensitive analytical technologies is enabling a new pasture of safeness testing for in of cannabinoids. RAPHAEL MECHOULAM JOHN GAITANIS COMMANDER OF NEWBORN NEUROLOGY AT TUFTS MEDICAL CENTER/FLOATING SICKBAY FOR CHILDREN RICHARD BOLES MEDICAL COMMANDER CATHERINE JACOBSON COMMANDER OF CLINICAL ENQUIRE, TILRAY HUGH HEMPEL STRAINZ, CO-BE WRECKED AND CEO RYAN C. LYNCH IATRICAL GENOMICS JOSH WURZER SC LABORATORIES, PRESIDENT AND CO-BE WRECKED NGOC MINH LE SALUBRIOUSNESS KYLE TURLEY GRIDIRON CANNABIS COALITION ETHAN RUSSO MEDICAL COMMANDER, PHYTECS MARA GORDON CO-BE WRECKED, ZELDA THERAPEUTICS BONNI GOLDSTEIN MEDICAL COMMANDER, CANNA-CENTERS ORRIN DEVINSKY, MD DUSTIN SULAK BE WRECKED, INTEGR8 SALUBRIOUSNESS KEVIN MCKERNAN COURTAGEN AUTOBIOGRAPHY SCIENCES STREAK A. LEWIS PRESIDENT OF NAPRO ENQUIRE All are Ritzy Videos (flv)