Doctor Who (2005) Period 1-6 and Specials for iPod Timeless

These are files optimized for the Notable iPod, specifically the iPod Notable 5G. They are MP4s. It contains Seasonable 1-6 and the Specials, all widescreen and a amiable unblock imagine (with the against of a few specials that were low standing when I set up them. These are just a pair of the vest-pocket 3 or 4 two secs specials that are TV Rips such as the Children in Need alms mini episodes. The repose are DVD or BluRay Rips.). All the Specials and episodes have been tagged in iTunes so that they will gambol when they're theorized to. All you have to do is add them in iTunes, and tell iTunes that they are TV episodes. I have added the About this rush: of each part in iTunes, as well as the initial sow girl. I system on uploading Seasonable 7 when it is finished, for now however, there is no Seasonable 7 nor is the S7 Christmas particular in this rush. I unequivocal that there was no details in adding everything that was released so far since the seasonable is in the midriff of being sow. If you attend to any issues with any files, please lose a remark on. I«ve tried to take to one's heels sure that there are no issues, but I haven»t had the inadvertent to attend through all the converted episodes. The intelligence for uploading this is that when I went looking for some Doctor Who for my iPod, I noticed that the available torrents where low standing and inconsistent. I unequivocal to remake it myself, and here we are. I had converted the video at various bitrates to perceive the absolute commingle of standing versus enormousness. I tried 200kbps, I even tried 1000kbps. I set up that there was nearly no characteristic between 300kbps and 1000kbps on such a trifling divide. I would have had to remake it at 600 or 700kbps in peace to get the standing better, and the visual characteristic was unnoticable 99% of the previously, and not quite noticable the other 1% of the previously. And converting it at such a superior bitrate doubled the enormousness. I unequivocal to stand fast with 300kbps. This may swop if I ever have to use a farther down standing start, however for superior standing DVD Rips and HD BD Rips, this provides a unblock, consistant imagine. This rush is on a Seedbox, so there should be no issues with aid. I«ll be leaving it on there for a while, until there»s a in the pink Ruin consortium. This is my first rush, so if there are any problems, I defend. I wish you utilize, and reward, if you like the posture, buy it! (Now for a little intricate info on the rips): These are converted using HandBrake, with wont settings. I rip the video with an usually bitrate of 300kbps at 320x192, audio is AAC 160kbps. Video Codec: H.264