Christmas with the Simpsons 2003 DVD4 NTSC

The Christmas esteem: where the dearest has no kale for Christmas and Homer attempts to get kale to buy gifts working as Santa Claus in a mall. Unfortunately it only wins $ 13, and try to bet on dog racing. The dog you bet, Santa's Little Helper, is in last position, but Homer saves Santa fetching him accommodations. Homer Excavator, One Man Snow: Homer gets a new job: take the snow from the garage of the people. But Barney also enters the sprig. Now Homer is with the car Mr. Excavator against Barney with Majesty excavator. The well-known hoodwink: when Bart breaks the hindquarters, is for a while in a wheelchair, but the alma mater does not have non-functioning access ramps. Since it is law, Skinner paid to the Mafia do the job. After lore that the ramps were made with bisnaguinhas, the alma mater loses a lot of kale and go bankrupt. A toy suite buys the alma mater and uses the children to contrive a new toy. A Problem of Sureness: Homer and Bart construct a take off that destroys the church. Mr. Burns buy, but to profit from it, fills the church affair. Lisa gets resentful and decides to become a Buddhist. «Featurette: Mr. Burns' Finest Moments»: This compensation shows several scenes from the best and funniest moments of Mr. Burns. Documentation Of Ownership in Brazil: The Simpsons Christmas Individualist Documentation Of Ownership: Christmas with the Simpsons Set Free: 2003 Style: Originate / Vitality Duration: 94 minutes Captain: Matt Groening <a href="« target=»_NEW« rel=»nofollow"</a Measure Assess: 4.36 GB Size Archives: .ISO Video Value: DVD-R Video codec: MPEG &#151; 2 Audio codec: AC3 5.1 Pledge: 720 x 480 Audio: Portuguese / English Subtitles: Portuguese / English GROUNDS PLEASE UTILIZE