Torchwood For iPod Seasons 1-4

These are files optimized for the Noteworthy iPod, specifically the iPod Noteworthy 5G. They are MP4s. It contains Flavour 1-4, all widescreen and a ladylike unblemished photograph. All the episodes have been tagged in iTunes so that they will with when they're expected to. All you have to do is add them in iTunes, and tell iTunes that they are TV episodes. I have added the About this spate: of each chapter in iTunes, as well as the provenience transmit boyfriend. I plot on uploading prospective seasons if they are ever aired (right now there is no exact yes or no on whether there will be more). If you advice any issues with any files, please fly a animadversion. I«ve tried to return sure that there are no issues, but I haven»t had the maybe to keep a sharp lookout for through all the converted episodes. The proper for uploading this is that when I went looking for some Doctor Who for my iPod, I noticed that the available torrents where low standing and inconsistent. I resolute to transfigure it myself, and here we are. I«m now converting several series for special use (as I noticed most series suffered from bad standing iPod uploads) and will be uploading them on here as I drain. If there is a special to series you»d like to see, let me know in the comments. I won«t potential to transfigure and upload it, but if it»s on my file, I'll arouse it up to the fa of the employment. :) I had converted the video at various bitrates to experience the absolute coalesce of standing versus bulk. I tried 200kbps, I even tried 1000kbps. I build that there was nearly no disagreement between 300kbps and 1000kbps on such a little grade. I would have had to transfigure it at 600 or 700kbps in demand to get the standing better, and the visual disagreement was unnoticeable 99% of the then, and only just especial the other 1% of the then. And converting it at such a exuberant bitrate doubled the bulk. I resolute to chap with 300kbps. This may transfigure if I ever have to use a cut standing provenience, however for exuberant standing DVD Rips and HD BD Rips, this provides a unblemished, uniform photograph. This spate is on a Seedbox, so there should be no issues with hurriedness. I«ll be leaving it on there for a while, until there»s a sturdy Motive kitty (the last one I seeded to a correspondence of 119:1, that's 1.74TB uploaded! 0_o). This is my second spate, so if there are any problems, I ask pardon. I yearning you have, and call to mind, if you like the confirm, buy it! (Also for those interested, I also uploaded Doctor Who (2005) Seasons 1-6 and Specials in the same constitution. Just check into out my uploaded torrents.) (Now for a little complex info on the rips): These are converted using HandBrake, with expressly settings. I rip the video with an common bitrate of 300kbps at 320x192, audio is AAC 160kbps. Video Codec: H.264