Retinue Make - Driver-Conspire-eye-picture - New Zealand

String Odyssey — Driver-Wangle-eye-notion — New Zealand — Christchurch to Greymouth — 3 videos I recorded this off TV in Germany. All 3 videos are in this spate. m4v plan 720 x 575 plan Each video @ 1hr:15min ------------------ Just 1.25 hours of a boatload string slowing inspirational through a fair dole out of New Zealand. Not HD! This was recorded in the cab by a video recorder, through the window of the cab, so if you«re used to HD, you won»t see it here. There are emotionless bugs and crap on the windows, for example. However, the grandeur is extremely acceptable, imo. No music, just the bluster of the string and engineer/radio, etc. hots: Probe my account for other string videos like this, many more to come. ------------------------ From Wikipedia The most fair iron horse lines in Germany was a plane tv program that the gloom program of the First German Tv (ARD)was publish. The consignment was not moderated, usually took limit half an hour and consisted of only a cab harass on iron horse lines in Germany .Sometimes were entitled The most fair iron horse lines in Europe or the most fair string journeys in the overjoyed also string routes shown from around the overjoyed. At the origination of the put to shame a graph was displayed with the road and usually a gruff Outward from the starting locate and / or the locomotive shown. Then you could see the tatty railroad follow from the vantage point of the locomotive driver . The notion was always only anon onto the detailed route; a conceivable «pivot» in a next to the follow goal located / countryside (eg Cologne Cathedral or the Rhine Valley) did not take situation. Longer driving through tunnels were mostly reduced, then an appropriate insertion mucronulate. The program was first publish on September 3, 1995 and ended on October 28, 2013. They aired usually 3:30 to 5:30 at gloom. When transmitting, it was a filler program to different lengths of films remunerate or any program changes. This has ensured that the program of the following day could always start at the scheduled mores. At the mores of commencement of the next program, the railways publish was canceled without commentary and abruptly when needed. In 2013, an plane of 80,000 people watched the program