Prince - Praise Un2 The Year 2000 (1999) 576p aac 5.1 (MP4)

PRINCE &#151; RHAPSODIZE OVER UN2 THE YEAR 2000 (1999) (576p) [MP4] Rhapsodize Over un2 the Year 2000 with Prince celebrates the joy of living, as he performs music from his characterize new critically acclaimed album Rhapsodize Over Un2 The Joy Tremendous, as well as selections from his vault of smash hits and pop classics. Filmed at Paisley Reservation studion in Minneapolis, where a multi-serving merge, including well-known bass performer Larry Graham and members of The Kinfolk Stone, coincide with Prince in this speactacular reliable things turned out. Rare guests cover Lenny Kravitz, Rosie Gaines, Maceo Parker, Morris Day & The Measure. WAKE TRACE LISTING: 1 Let's go keen 2 She's always in my ringlets 3 U got the look 4 Give Up 5 Jungle Adoration 6 The bird 7 American char (Lenny Kravitz) 9 Gett Off 10 Mixture (Rosie Gaines, Mike Scott, Maceo Parker) 11 It's alright 12 Usual people (Cynthia Robinson & Gerry Martini) 13 Higher 14 Purple Bestow 15 The Christ 16 Blues Mixture (Maceo Parker & Johnny Blackshire) 17 Nothing compares 2 U 18 Take me with U & Raspberry Beret 19 Greatest Thriller 20 Pamper knows 21 1999 Intro 22 Pamper I'm a 23 1999 PUT INFO: Container.......: mp4 Put Size.......: 1664 MB (pure concert) 228 MB (extras) Run Measure........: 01:53:25 (pure concert) 00:18:55 (extras) Video Discrimination: 746x576 (1,295:1) Video Codec.....: x264 Video Bitrate...: 1580 kbps Video Quality...: Relentless RF: 20,0 Audio Wake Trace.....: aac, 5.1 channels, 463 kbps (pure concert) aac, 2.0 channels, 160 kbps (extras) Chapters........: Yes Framerate.......: 25,000 Sources.........: Pure Concert: Prince-Rave_Un2_The_Year_2000_Concert.mp4 flood (2,49 GB) (posted by Liquid2 to TPB in 2008) Extras: Prince- Rhapsodize Over un2 The Year 2000 flood (posted by bogdanois to KAT in 4/2016) hots: <a href="« target=»_NEW« rel=»nofollow"</a <a href="« target=»_NEW« rel=»nofollow"</a <a href="« target=»_NEW« rel=»nofollow"</a
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