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Osho_ From Vassalage to Scope # 33, Dismantle the ego Preposterous 1: LEADER, IS EMPATHY THE THAT BRINGS ABOUT THE AWARENESS OF OUR EACH AND EVERY RELATEDNESS, AND FRAILTY VERSA? The savoir faire of empathy is very rare. You know what understanding means, you also know what apathy means; but empathy you do not know. Understanding and apathy are opposed to each other. Empathy is beyond both. To help you have found out it, let me tell you an scene in Ramakrishna's existence. ......................... Preposterous 2: LEADER, FOR CENTURIES THE BRITISH BOBBY, WITH NO GUN, ONLY A MINIATURE TRUNCHEON, HAS BEEN A TOKENING OF THE COMPLIMENTS FOR LAW AND LAY OUT IN A CIVILIZED MOTHERLAND. NOW RIOTERS ARE ATTACKING THE WATCH WITH SHOTGUNS AND GAS BOMBS. IN THE LATEST TURBULENCE TWO HUNDRED POLICEMEN WERE WOUNDED AND ONE KILLED WITH A HATCHET. A ELDER T-MAN SAID, "THIS IS NOT ENGLAND, THIS IS ILLOGICALNESS. THEY ARE USING MY MEN FOR AIM PRACTICE." WHAT IS CAUSING THIS WELL FORTH OF ENERGY AGAINST LAW AND ORDER? COULD IT MATERIALIZE IN AMERICA? It is going to materialize everywhere. But before we thrash out it, a few of your misconceptions have to be lock dropped. .......... Preposterous 3: LEADER, WHAT IS THE EGO? IT SEEMS A COMPLEMENTARY PREPOSTEROUS TO «WHO AM I?» AND AS MUCH A KOAN. The ego is just the vis- of your true self. The ego is not you. Preposterous 4: LEADER, IS SYNCHRONICITY THE VERY LAW OF LIFE? It is exactly the same as empathy. It is a well-controlled name for empathy &#151; synchronicity. There is no alteration between the two. Preposterous 5: LEADER, CAN YOU CLEAR UP OUT THE BIG PEAS, THE MINIATURE PEAS, AND THE MID-POINT PEAS? It is a demanding question. First I have to tell you the plot from which the preposterous has arisen. In the second faction war, one of the German professors of serenity was recruited into the army..... Peruse all here: <a href=" http://www.oshosearch.net/Co...age-to-Scope — 00000033.html« target=»_NEW« rel=»nofollow" http://www.oshosearch.net/Co...age-to-Scope &#151; 00000033.html</a