Yes 1977 Going for the One Sessions

Here is a hair-splitting bootleg dvd. Receipt my account for more standard bootlegs. Please possess have a good time, apportion witth friends and please issue :) Yes Going for the One Sessions 1976-1977 Mountain Studios, Montreux, Switzerland Anonymous Pro By No Chance Stereo NTSC DVD Loiter: Pro by no chance > ? > Grey DVD > AcidRIP > HDD Audio and video specs: Audio Codec: ac3 Audio Bitrate: 256.0 kbit Video Codec: MPEG &#151; 2 Video Plan: NTSC 29.970 fps Video Bitrate: 7500.0 kbps Run culture: 02:00:28 About this gushing:: By beg, I am uploading Yes's «Going for the One Studio Sessions». This DVD documents the recording of their 1977 album: Going for the One. Motto has it that the taping of these sessions was to be made into a attribute-in detail layer. The video and audio importance are all right. Concealment art and hots have been included. The audio and video have NOT been altered &#151; in any way. Thanks to Zerosun666 for the outset. Details for the Going for the One album: <a href="« target=»_NEW« rel=»nofollow"</a Links to GFTO travel dates on Forgotten Yesterdays: <a href="« target=»_NEW« rel=»nofollow"</a Sling: Jon Anderson &#151; vocals, harp and guitar Steve Howe &#151; guitars and vocals Chris Convoy &#151; bass, guitar and vocals Rick Wakeman &#151; keyboards Alan Pale-Complexioned &#151; percussion and vocals Contents on the DVD: Jam Period #1 Awaken #1 Steve Howe Individual #1 Rick Wakeman Individual Face of the Century #1 Awaken #2 Face of the Century #2 Travel Details Colloquy Parallels #1 Chris and Steve sleep around Dylan Going For The One #1 Jon & Rick Individual Jam #2 Steve Howe Individual #2 Improv Wonderous Stories Going For The One #2 Awaken #3 Complex Work/Awaken #4 Awaken #5 Parallels #2