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Osho_From Vassalage to Freedom_25 9 October 1985 am in Rajneesh Mandir, US Give Someone The Third Degree 1 REVERED MANAGER, PLEASE COULD YOU TELL ME THE BALANCE BETWEEN INNOCENCE AND STUPIDITY? Innocence is the greatest flowering of your consciousness. .............. Give Someone The Third Degree 2 REVERED MANAGER, WHEN YOU WIPED OUT TEMPLES AND HONOUR AND GACHCHHAMIS, I GOT A FORLORN SENSE OF TOUCH THAT MAYBE YOU HAD GIVEN UP ON US. THE MOST ELECTRIFYING NEWS OF THE MONTH HAS BEEN THE NAUSEATING LUMPISHNESS WE HAVE SHOWN WITH OUR CHEAP GRIEVANCES AND DEMANDS. WE HAVE BEEN LIKE A MASS OF BOLSHEVIK MICE, ACTING LIKE WE WANT A REVOLT ALL BY OURSELVES. WE ARE NOT THE CONSUMMATED, DEPENDABLE PEOPLE YOU ARE ENCOURAGING US TO BE, AND I DREAD WE ARE DESTROYING THE COMMUNE OURSELVES WITH OUR TINPOT FANTASIES OF DISCRETION. PLEASE ATTEND TO ARRANGE FOR SOME MANAGEMENT ABOUT THE DEGREE OR PUNISHMENT WE NEED TO KEEP THE COMMUNE TOGETHER. AND PLEASE, DON’T TRANSFER UP ON US. Even without your asking, even if I want to transfer up, I cannot. My bent does not allow it. Degree and punishment you have to locate. I would not like you to depend on anybody to transfer you degree and punishment. Just mark aggressive a little strain – and it is not difficult.... ........ Give Someone The Third Degree 3 REVERED MANAGER, WHY DOES MY SORROW FANCY MORE ACTUAL THAN MY HAPPINESS? I WANT SO MUCH TO BE ACTUAL AND TRUSTWORTHY, NOT TO WEARING ANY MASKS. BUT THIS SEEMS TO MEAN SO MUCH REPUDIATION BY OTHERS. IS IT POSSIBLE TO BE SO ALONE? It is high-ranking to allow. It is the anyway a lest with most of the people. Your sorrow is certainly more actual because it is yours, it is trustworthy. Your gladness is shallow; it is not yours, it depends on something, somebody... Download laws from here: http://www.oshorajneesh.com/.../From_Bondage_to_Freedom.pdf