Fillmore - 1971 - The Last Days Concert Cloud

Here is a acute bootleg dvd. Neb my account for more paradigmatic bootlegs. Please use, share in with friends and please become dilapidated :) Fillmore (skin) From Wikipedia, the charitable encyclopedia Fillmore Directed by Richard T. Heffron Produced by Herbert F. Drecker Starring Neb Graham Santana Thankful Insensible Jefferson Airplane Hot Tuna Quicksilver Runner Serve Cinematography Alan Capps Albert Kihn Paul Lohmann Eric Saarinen Editing by Richard Clarke Daniel Halas Charles Tetoni Unshackle man(s) June 14, 1972 Continual beat 105 minutes Territory Agreed States Speech English Fillmore — also known as Fillmore: The Last Days, and as Last Days of the Fillmore — is a music documentary skin, essentially crack at the Fillmore West auditorium in San Francisco, California, from June 29 through July 4, 1971.[1] It was released on June 14, 1972.[2][3][4] Fillmore documents the closing run of concerts at the Fillmore West, which closed after these shows. It features performances by a company of surprise bands that emerged from the San Francisco music participate of the dilatory 1960s and prehistoric 1970s, including Santana, the Thankful Insensible, Jefferson Airplane, Hot Tuna, and Quicksilver Runner Serve. The skin also contains massive footage of concert promoter Neb Graham, who organized the concerts and ran the Fillmore West. Additionally, the skin includes documentary footage crack several years earlier in and around San Francisco, showing the surfacing of the music participate there centre of the counterculture of the 1960s and the drop-out innards.[5] Fillmore was crack on 16 mm skin and was released in a widescreen plan with a 2.35:1 face correlation. It makes persistent use of split wall off images. Use, share in & please become dilapidated :)