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The Last Testament vol3-05- to censure with Bhagwan 26 September 1985 pm in Sanai Grove passage can be red here: INTERVIEWS WITH: SCOTT MILLER, NBC, APPROACH 8, PORTLAND, OREGON; AND TOM PAULU, LONGVIEW REGULARLY WORD, SEATTLE, WASHINGTON, USA 1.CHECK OUT WITH SCOTT MILLER, NBC, APPROACH 8, PORTLAND Q: THINGS YOU«VE BEEN SAYING HAVE MEANT A LOT OF CHANGES FOR YOUR SANNYASINS. SPECIFICALLY: FRAY ANY COLOR YOU LIKE, DON»T FRAY YOUR MALA IF YOU DON'T WANT TO. YOU GOT ANY OTHER CHANGES IN BENT FOR YOUR SANNYASINS? A: I don't know. Q: NOTHING RIGHT AT THE MOMENT? A: Anything is possible. Q: NOTHING YOU'D LIKE TO DIVIDE UP WITH US RIGHT NOW, THOUGH? A: No. Q: WHY DID YOU JUDGE THIS MOMENT? WHY DID YOU JUDGE THIS CONCERN WHEN IT WOULD SEEM THAT YOU WOULD NEED SOMETHING TO TIE UP EVERYBODY TOGETHER -- LIKE CLOTHING AND MALAS -- TO SAY, «DON«T TEASE ABOUT THAT ANY MORE, YOU DON»T HAVE TO DO IT»? A: This was the right concern to do it. I want my people to be unconditionally for nothing individuals. I don't want them to be Rajneeshees. They have to be themselves. .......................... CHECK OUT WITH TOM PAULU, LONGVIEW REGULARLY WORD, SEATTLE, WASHINGTON Q: YOU ANTICIPATE MOST PEOPLE TO CONCLUSION WEARING RED? A: I don't expect; only few, not most. Mostly nobody goes out. And I have fist it to them. It is their determination. If they want to go in red, that is their nerve. Who I am to adjudicate for them? .............. Q: YOU COMMENTED THAT THERE'S A PROMISE YOU WOULD KNOCK TOGETHER THINGS UP WITH SHEELA. A FEW DAYS AGO THERE WAS AN CHECK OUT IN THE GERMAN ARSENAL GRIM IN WHICH SHE WAS QUOTED AS SAYING, «THE CENSURE WITH BHAGWAN.»DO YOU STILL THINK THAT YOU COULD PATCH YOUR RELATIONSHIP WITH HER? A: No, there is no need. I can go to censure. I don't see any damage in it. In particulars, censure is bang of the best people of the time. Only nirvana is drab. If she had said, «Heaven with Bhagwan,» then I would have objected because whom do you anticipate to liquidate encounter in heaven? You cannot liquidate encounter Byron, Shelley, Vincent van Gogh, Picasso, Dostoevsky, Walt Whitman. All these people you will liquidate encounter in censure. And I lady-love substantial crowd! So she was wonderfully right. There is no problem.... Download words Osho_The Last Testament vol3..http://www.oshorajneesh.com/download/osho-books/western_mystics/The_Last_Testament_Volume_3.pdf