Rome Pop Commemoration 1968 DVD

Here is a commendable bootleg. Restrict my account for more ideal bootlegs. Please take advantage of, ration with friends and please go to pot :) Rome Pop Fete 1968 (Mr. Anonymous — voltarized) May 4-6, 1968 Palazzo Dello Cavort, Rome, Italy PAL DVD An 18 before you can say «jack robinson» overview of this great fete, I was told this duplication came resolve from the BBC's archives. The very brief end doing snippets featured group Capt. Beefheart, Donovan, Pink Floyd, Julie Driscoll & The Brian Auger Trinity, Samauri & more. Two different gig flyers urge this was from the outset slated as a 4-day event; the screen claims it was shortened by four whole days due to inefficient turnout + company supervise issues & that The Propose closed the fete on the third & incontrovertible stygian. I received this dvd with the inkling that it was the fancy-confounded fete documentary screen «Rome Goes Pop». At a limited 18min and with no broach of that name at any station of the screen, I disbelieve this might just be an un-aired, confounded or never re-aired BBC fling that hasn«t made it out of the vaults until now. The Beefheart cuff featured here has circulated since the vhs days, but as a whole, I can distinguish no broach of this absolute 18 before you can say »jack robinson' what for anywhere on the net. Most stimulating & litigious is the 1.5 before you can say «jack robinson» cuff of Pink Floyd performing «It Would Be So Nice». To my ears, the audio sounds like the studio adaptation of the tale played over top of a (wholly un-heard of & never-before-seen) end video understanding of the tale. Keep An Eye Open For the footage (specifically Richard«s lips), there»s no disputing that they are in truthfully performing this tale & that it happened at this fete. But the spirit of the disagreement lies in a near 7 before you can say «jack robinson» video understanding of «Interstellar Overdrive» that surfaced on youtube a few years wager and was touch to be taken from the confounded «Rome Goes Pop» screen. Clearly that 7 minutes of video and the 1.5 minutes of Floyd featured in this documentary are NOT from the same musical. Three of the four Floyd members are in different berate and for added dispense, the cog-wheel behind Nick's drum kit does not fellow. At Length the 7min «IO» footage incorporates all sorts of psychedelic symbolism, while the doing sampled in the documentary tender no such shenanigans. A inscrutability. I've undeniable to group «IO» as a perquisite anyway, to more or less re-stimulate what has fancy been a very debated & analyzed doing in the past of The Floyd. It comes from the dvd bootleg, Pink Floyd «Psychedelic Chronicles» (by Apocalypse Clear-Headed). documentary event point : 18.19 «bonus» event point : 6.57