Osho_From Slavery To Leisure- #15.mp4

Osho_ from Servitude to Latitude #15 Now meditation is needed even more Debatable 1: ADORED GAFFER, I SEEM TO BE BALANCED ON THE TIGHTROPE OF PO. I NEVER BELIEVE NOR DISBELIEVE WHAT YOU SAY IN THAT OUTER ADMINISTRATIVE TIMES A DELIVER OF FACTS AND FIGURES, THAT JOYFUL- GO-HOOP OF DIFFERENT VIEWS, THAT SHIFTING MIRAGE OF TRUTHS, HALF-TRUTHS, CONTRADICTIONS, AND PARADOXES THAT CUTTING THROUGH MY SAPIENCE LIKE AN AUTUMN TASK. IT'S ALL PO NOW. WOULD I HIJACK A FLAT, STONE AN EMBASSY, OR FUEL A WATCH INVESTIGATION? PO, PO, PO — I DON'T KNOW. YET I DO KNOW THAT MY PITY STILL DANCES WITH YOU, YOUR EMASCULATE STILL PENETRATES ME WITH A SENSITIVE, GRACEFUL AWE. AND MY GUFFAWING IS BECOMING MORE AND MORE ROOTLESS, LIKE A MAD YOUNGSTER, GIGGLING AT NOTHING IN PARTICULAR. AM I MISSING, ADORED MASTER? ..... I was joking with the journalists, but idiots can«t sympathize any have of humor. The attorney mongrel of Oregon has pronto put the Nationalistic Sapience on agile. It is palatable. To be agile is always palatable. That»s my whole teaching! Keep the Nationalistic Sapience, your armies, twenty-four hours agile. That's what I want. And I can go on making statements so that you have to keep them agile. But just for you — privately, don«t tell it to anybody — we are nonviolent people, vegetarians: we don»t do such things. ......... Debatable 2: ADORED GAFFER, I PROCLIVITY YOU. PLEASE TELL ME IF WE HAVE LET YOU DOWN. I SENSE RUIN WHEN I GET WIND OF QUESTIONS IN DISCOURSE THAT DON'T APPRECIATE YOU AND THE PROCLIVITY THAT YOU SO GENEROUSLY EMERGE ON ME. I PROMISE THAT OUR PROCLIVITY IS ALSO ENOUGH TO HELP RESTORE US, AND YOU NEVER SENSE WE TAKE YOU, OUR ADORED, FOR GRANTED. PLEASE EXPLANATION ON WHETHER OUR NOT LOVING ENOUGH HAS ANYTHING TO DO WITH WHAT YOU SAID ABOUT NOT WEARING MALAS AND ONLY RED COLORS. ALSO, ADORED GAFFER, PLEASE SAY IF THERE IS ANYTHING WE AS A COMMUNE CAN DO TO HELP THE HEALING SO WE CAN REALLY MAKE JOYFUL YOU AND YOUR PROCLIVITY FOR US, AND LET THIS CANDLE OF OUR PROCLIVITY THROW FULLY AT EVERY END. I am thankful for your intimacy. But it is not that your proclivity is not enough for me. You proclivity me more than anybody has ever been loved. You cannot let me down. Important you that it is up to you to display malas or not, it is up to you to be in red clothes or not, is not out of any ruin understanding in me. Debatable 3: ADORED GAFFER, YOU ARE A UNCONDITIONAL FOREIGNER TO ME, YET A BACKER AND LOVER. HOW CAN THIS BE? This is the only way it can be. We are all strangers to each other.... Debatable 4: ADORED GAFFER, YOU ARE THE MOST EXPENSIVE JOY EVER TO HAVE COME INTO MY EXISTENCE UPON THIS DIRT. IS IT POSSIBLE THAT I COULD REALLY SENSE THIS WAY ABOUT MY OWN BEING? Infer From it again. Debatable 5: ADORED GAFFER, YOU ARE THE MOST EXPENSIVE JOY EVER TO HAVE COME INTO MY EXISTENCE UPON THIS DIRT. IS IT POSSIBLE THAT I COULD REALLY SENSE THIS WAY ABOUT MY OWN BEING? If you have not felt it about your own being — the preciousness, the excitement, the joy — how can you sense it about me? It is not possible. You are projecting, you are imagining. And this is the put out. Debatable 6: ADORED GAFFER, YOU ARE THE CENTER OF THE CYCLONE. WHEN I AM NEAR YOU I SENSE CRITICAL. BUT WHEN I AM A LITTLE AWAY FROM YOU I AM AGAIN IN THE OPINIONATED WHORLS OF THE CYCLONE — THE CRITICAL WORKS OF EMOTIONS AND FEELINGS. HOW CAN I GET TO THE CENTER OF MY OWN CYCLONE? Just be a behold of all those emotions, thoughts, which you visit the cyclone. Just be a behold, and that station of witnessing is the center of the cyclone. This is the simplest method to appreciative of oneself. Debatable 7: ADORED GAFFER, THE OTHER DAY YOU CALLED THE BIBLE A LICENTIOUS . PLEASE ACCOUNT FOR WHAT YOU MEANT BY THIS NOTE OF. Infer From all here