Moses - Mosè (1995) [DVD9 Ita Ac3 2.0 - NUIta subs]

Moses- Mosè Concealment Facsimile <a href="« target=»_NEW« rel=»nofollow"</a Original DVD9 By JackieALF Original Title: Moses Country: Usa Year: 1995 Genres: Biblic, Drama, Religion Director: Roger young Screenplay: Lionel Chetwynd Photography: Raffaele Mertes Production: Lube in associazione con Lux Vide, Turner Pictures Inc., Quinta Communications, France 2, Antena 3, Mtm, Czech Tv, Nederlandse Christelijke Radio-Vereniging (Ncrv) e BSkyB Ben Kingsley -> Mosè Unrestrained Langella -> Memefta Christopher Lee -> Faraone Ramses II David Suchet -> Aronne Anna Galiena -> Ptira Enrico Lo Verso -> Giosuè Geraldine McEwan -> Miriam Philippe Leroy -> Tuntim Philip Stone -> Letro Anton Lesser -> Eliav Anita Zagaria -> Jocabel Dudley Sutton -> Gran Sacerdote Federico Pacifici-> Hur Urbano Barberini -> Nahbi Paolo Calabresi -> Palti Riccardo Salerno -> Palti Bruno Bilotta -> Taskmaster Lawrence Disease -> Mosè (7 anni) Christian Ashton -> Memefta (7 anni) Christian Catuogno -> Mosè (15 anni) James Wilson -> Memefta(15 anni) Jacqueline Lustig -> Servitore di Ptira Justine Midda -> Batim Vincent Riotta -> Midan Robert Willox -> Capitano Sônia Braga -> Sefora The tidings begins in Egypt with the bother of newborn Hebrew males, and Ptira«s, the Pharaoh»s daughter, ascertaining of the infant Moses on the Nile. Moses« immaturity at the Pharaoh»s court ends abruptly when he is unnatural to clear out, after he kills an Egyptian chief to salvage his sibling Aaron. During his years of separation, Moses meets his time to come helpmate Zipporah and her forebear Jethro. After Moses and Zipporah«s association, the sight for sore eyes of God in the Seething Bush occurs, commanding Moses to restitution yield to Egypt with Zipporah and his sibling Aaron. There, Moses and Aaron confront the Pharaoh, hard that he spontaneous the Israelites. Only after the tenth scourge &#151; the exhausting of the Egyptian firstborn &#151; does the Pharaoh allow them to depart. With the crossing of the Red Sea and God»s genocide of the Egyptian army ends the first neighbourhood of the tidings. The second neighbourhood begins with the dissatisfaction of the hungry Israelites with Moses. Non-Specific Info Compression: No Cinema Calibre: DVD9 Largeness: 7846 Mb Languages: Italian Ac3 2.0 Subtitles: Italian Colors Runtime: 172 min. Menu:Yes Strikingly: Yes <a href="« target=»_NEW« rel=»nofollow"</a
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