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Osho The sword and the Lotus Talks in Nepal, 31 January 1986 pm Chapter 11: Sinful and yet so pietistic Subject 1: FLAME BIG BOSS, KRISHNA SAID TO ARJUNA, «SURRENDER AND I ASSURANCE YOU MOKSHA.» JESUS ALSO SAID TO HIS DISCIPLES, "COME REALIZE ME AND I WILL TAKE YOU TO THE PROVINCE, TO GOD." BUT YOU SAY TO US THAT YOU CAN ONLY PORTRAY THE FACTS. WHY DON'T YOU ASSURANCE US NIRVANA? All promises are poisons because they are civil not precise. The people who have promised you that you have only to turning over to them and they will take you to the conclusive aspiration of light; you have just to realize them and they will take you to the province of God... these promises have created a spiritually moil warm-heartedness. These promises have not helped anyone. Subject 2: FLAME BIG BOSS, WHAT IS YOUR REPORT TO THE UP TO THE MINUTE NEPALESE BULGING BUDDHISTS? My report cannot be exclusively to the Buddhist, or to the Christian, or to the Hindu. My report is only to somebody beings, because I don't believe in these distinctions. Subject 3: FLAME BIG BOSS, CAN A CHILD MEDITATING AN HOUR A DAY INCOME ENLIGHTENMENT IN THIS LIFE? It has been inaugurate by all the terrific meditators of the everybody that just forty-eight minutes, exactly forty- eight minutes, are enough to occasion you broad-minded. But to study for forty-eight minutes &#151; I«m not even making it sixty, I»m giving you the every so often old-fashioned &#151; is not an undemanding thing... Deliver Assign To all here: <a href=" http://www.oshosearch.net/Convert/Articles_Osho/The_Sword_and_the_Lotus/Osho-The-Sword-and-the-Lotus — 00000011.html« target=»_NEW« rel=»nofollow" http://www.oshosearch.net/Convert/Articles_Osho/The_Sword_and_the_Lotus/Osho-The-Sword-and-the-Lotus &#151; 00000011.html</a Download post : http://www.oshorajneesh.com/download/osho-books/world_tour_talks/The_Sword_and_the_Lotus.pdf There are 25 audio tapes from this series. Last one, 25th is not transliterated.. you can download unshackled, audio discourse #25, from oshoworld.com, English audio discourses